Friday, May 29, 2009

FORE. . .(aka LOOK OUT!!!)

Last weekend while we were home, my mother informed us that my dad had bought her a new pistol. Initially, we weren't sure if it was a joke or not, but soon it was clear that she was entirely serious! J, being the gun lover that he is, had to see it. As he fondled it and looked it over, he raised his eyebrow at her and says "Grandma, you haven't even shot it yet?!?" So he decided right then that they would break it in. He happened (happened?!?) to have bullets just the right size in his pickup. So he and the boys took it out that morning and worked it over.

Aunt Jane and Uncle Pete came for lunch Saturday and she also has a pistol and has (or is planning) to take the conceal and carry class. So they all headed outside for a "shoot." They target shot for quite a while. I think my mom learned alot--and I sure wouldn't mess with Aunt Jane--she can aim!

Mom swears that the gun is only for shooting skunks and other strange-acting creatures out during the daytime when they should be sleeping. But the rest of us are a LITTLE concerned for the well being of my dad--SHHH don't tell her! We've all seen her in action

Good luck mom, and don't shoot your foot!

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