Thursday, September 17, 2015

Well, Hello. . .

Hey. .
Remember us?
I think I promised to get some vacation pictures posted before Christmas. .
Which. .
is happening now!!
We took another week and spent it at Grand Lake, Oklahoma.
We enjoyed July 4th there so much last year. .
That we opted to go during the same time frame this year.
It was good to get away. .
But hands down. .
The worst vacation ever!
With the exception of my sister and her family coming over 4th of July weekend. .
And the two days we spent on the lake playing. .
It rained for THREE solid days.
Which led to cooped up, cramped up, grumpy campers!!
And when my husband offers to take me antique shopping. .
AND my children oblige with no complaining. .
you KNOW it was bad!!
In fact, it rained so much. .
That the water level on the lake rose (by our closest account) by about 4 feet, and the flood gates were wide open letting water off downstream!
We did enjoy two nights of fireworks. .
Well, the ADULTS enjoyed two nights of fireworks. .
The little kids were over it at the end of the first night!
We enjoyed looking over all these cool old WW2 planes at an air show in Ketchum, Ok. .
Some did flips and turns. .
And some had people jumping out of them.
These two little monkeys ran around like crazy, trying to take it all in!
I will add that they were VERY impressed!
Because the lake showed their busiest weekend in HISTORY. .
We didn't get on the water much while they were there. .
But we did enjoying swimming off the dock and floating. .
And partook at an all you can eat shrimp boil.
The first day it rained. .
We drove into Tulsa and spent the day at Incredible Pizza. .
which was. .
We played bumper cars, laser tag, go cart racing, arcade games, video games and ate ALL day!
The boys got bigger play packages. .
So Cami got to take a turn in the trampoline room.
She enjoyed her 15 minutes in there!!
After vacation came the County Fair. .
A couple trips to Lake Canton, one being a camping weekend. .
Lots of drag racing in Great Bend. .
And moving Tristan to college.
Wow. .
If THAT wasn't rough on this mama!!
He found it to be a little bit of a tough transition as well. .
But he enjoys his classes and is making new friends too. 
This guy is a senior now. .
He decided to try running cross country this year. .
He hasn't enjoyed the meets yet, but he really enjoys running in practice! 
His personality is really blossoming since his brother left. .
And that has been fun to see. 
His pesto bread loaf netted him overall Grand Champion of the 4-H food class at the fair. .
And his opportunity to sell it at the Premium Auction netted him some extra dough. .
Devin is in 7th grade. .
He is playing football for the first time ever.
He likes it.
 He also switched from percussion to saxaphone over the summer. .
And I will be anxious to hear him play with the pep band at the first home high school football game tomorrow night. 
Actually, all three of the boys did well enough on their cooking to take 1st or 2nd place in their food levels at the fair. .so ALL of them got to sell their product at the Premium Auction!
This little mama. .
Learned how to ski this summer. .
Last year she was able to get up and stay up briefly, but THIS summer. .
She was GOOD! She also learned how to surf too. I was against even letting her try because the board is so big and heavy, but with Grant helping her in the water to get the board under her feet, she was able to take right off. I wish I had that picture on here. .because her smile was ear to ear. .the ENTIRE time!!
She is in 2nd grade and LOVES school. Though she was a surprise package for this family. .I frequently thank God for giving her to us. .She is a delight most of the time!! I look forward to all the fun things that I can enjoy with a daughter in the future. 
And. .
I really DO love my boys!! 
All of them!!
This old lady. .
is getting mellower and slower every year! My gardens are not looking great at this point in the season, but what is out there. .is becoming more established and filling in. .I really love the bones I have going now. .in a couple more years. .I will have some great stuff to work with when I find that extra hobby time that I am missing right now!!
I still work multiple places, teach high school youth group every Wednesday night, recently started teaching high school Sunday School at church, and am in the 9th month of leading an online ladies bible study through the 4 gospels in the bible. That has been AWESOME. .and has given me a lot of opportunity to minister to and bless others! 
This old guy. .
stills works like a dog. .
He crams in absolutely as much lake time and racing weekends as he can. He shows up to take his bride out for lunch nearly every Wednesday. He has been helping teach a junior high youth group in our community too. His grandma helps us out by eating dinner with Cami and hanging out with her every Wednesday night. .It's a good thing for both of them! I wish I would have an opportunity like that with my own grandmas. .I know she will cherish it forever!!
So. .
There ya have it.
It's our lives in a nutshell. 
Thanks for checkin in on us. .I'll try not to stay gone so long. .
But I won't make any promises either. .
I know ya understand!
Much love from our little ole part of the world!