Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Bash. .

It's that time of year again. .
When all the spooks congregate at our house. .
With crazy costumes. .
Bringing their spooky foods. .
Ready to play silly. .
And sometimes YUCKY. .
We missed the party last year. .
I had a conference in Boston. .
And a kid with a broken leg. .
And too many football games and extracurricular activities.
I missed it a LOT. .
But this little diva turned ruffian. .
missed it too. .
And has been incessantly asking. .
"Can we PLEASE have a Halloween party??"
I simply had to oblige. .
After all. .
Her oldest brothers were the same age that she is now. .
When we had the first party. .
ELEVEN years ago!!
MOST of the spooks. .
and siblings of the pioneer spooks. .
have grown up. .
SO we got to start off with kind of a new crowd!!
About 1/2 of the 70 plus crowd that turned out. .
were first time party goers. .
But you really couldn't tell it!!
They all jumped in with both feet. .
or paws. .
or claws. .
or hooks. .
However you want to look at it!!
And did I mention. .
How awesome the parents looked too??
That is actually a mom in the v-e-r-y back. .
sporting a green ninja suit. .
And I thought my husband looked CREEPY!!
We played a lot of our old favorite games. .
As you noticed from the pictures above. .
We played the balloon popping race. .
Cami and Devin and I stuffed candy in all those balloons and then blew them up and tied 'em off!
It was a fast and wild way to get them all started!
We bobbed for donuts. .
And used our faces (though some really little ones got to use their fingers too). .
to eat worms. .
Fear Factor food. .
is still a favorite. .
Though. .
Next year. .
I think I will go back to not-so-scary foods!
At least for a few years!!
This was after an anchovy!!
And this poor guy. .
Gagged multiple times on his prune. .
Before he spit it out.
He was trying REALLY hard. .
to make that go down!!
So we gotta give him credit for that!!
The funniest thing to me. .
Is the anticipation on the faces of the little onlookers. .
Watching how their buddies are going to handle the foods!!
Peer pressure isn't ALWAYS bad!!
And of course. .
Our party just wouldn't be the same. .
If they weren't allowed to launch something!!
Field gourds were the order of the day here. .
And you can see how many of them wanted a chance to see. .
Just HOW far. .
They could send them!!
And it is always fun. .
To see what their plates look like. .
As they walk by with 4 desserts. .
And a glass (or two) of punch. .
The party was a success. .
And lots of mom's told of their kids still talking about it several days later!!
Just a few more days. .
Until Halloween. .
Get YOUR scary on!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

AppleJack Pumpkin Patch

Destination Pumpkin Patch. .
Was the order of the day one chilly autumn morn. .
Twelve cousins (out of 14). .
4 mamas. .
and one grandma. .
Met at a pumpkin patch. .
Where about FOUR HUNDRED other people. .
were enjoying their Saturday as well!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day. .
And it had been several years since any of my kids have enjoyed a place like this!!
I was amazed at all the activities available for the kids. .
The H-U-G-E slide was a big hit. .
But then. .
so was this ginormous tarp that had airflow under it to cause a trampoline effect. .
Even Devin loved it. .
Although, maybe a little bit more when these three cousins arrived!!
In fact, when the older boys arrived. .
We didn't see them for a LONG time as they tromped through the corn maize playing hide and seek!!
They climbed the hay mountain. .
Rode the zip line. .
Giggled their way through this one. .
We laughed and laughed. .
Even the little ones could make it work!
There were duck races. .
And of COURSE. .
The pumpkin patch!!
It was a lot of work to choose JUST the right one. .
But they each did. .
After riding the hayrack back to the area where the activities were. .
They started ALL over again!!
Who knew. .
That one lil punkin patch. .
could provide HOURS of entertainment. .
And MILES of ground covered by little feet!!
And the bigger feet. .
That had to follow them everywhere!!
We are eager for that ONE night of the year. .
where eating candy AS dinner. .
Is a totally acceptable concept!!
Next up. .
The annual Halloween bash!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll!!

I've been missing in action around my blog lately!!
Lots going on for sure!
This one has had LOTS of things going lately. .
He had his senior pictures done a few weeks back. .
Only 60 edited prints that we will have to choose from now. .
Can you spell. .
Me too!
Cami was taking pictures of Becca taking pictures :-)
He and I went to Beloit last week to check out their Vo-tech school. .
We loved it. .
From the program facilities and instructors. .
All the way down to the indoor pool and cafeteria!!
Seems like he will be studying carpentry and heating/air for the next two years!
Graduation packets and invitations lists. .
Scholarship information and ACT scores. .
Musical practices and 4-H activities. .
AND. .
social life!!
This guy. .
Is mostly busy with his social life. .
He has been working after school with his dad. .
And studying hard.
He is also starting to think about post-graduation options. .
But mostly is concerned with his girlfriend!
He is our official chauffeur. .
And makes sure his sister gets to her after school church group on Wednesday!
Now he will also be getting Devin picked up after his practices.
Devin has his FIRST basketball practice TODAY. .
We have never engaged in pee wee sports. .
So the opportunity to now get to be a part of that game. .
Is pretty exciting to him!!
He's really been enjoying 6th grade. .
And is on a leadership team as well. .
He is in a close family competition with his oldest brother for the "most extroverted!"
And wants to be a part of EVERYTHING!!
Little girl. .
Has had a very exciting week. .
With lots of things to "count down."
We got to go see her "adopted" sister perform in a college music program. .
We met all the far, far away cousins Saturday. .
at a really fun pumpkin patch (photos will come later). .
And our annual Halloween bash was Sunday afternoon. .
WAY more excitement than one little 6 year old girl should have!!
The younger two had a pumpkin decorating contest at school last week. .
Seemed a little early. .
But glad it is out of the way!
Devin took 1st place in his age group with his carved pumpkin. .the photo isn't great. .
But his jack-o-lantern has eaten the kid who was attached to the leg and shoe!!
This little girly-girl. .
Continues surprising her mom lately. .
With her tomboy ideas. .
She chose her brothers pirate costume to wear for Halloween over her princess dresses. .
And she opted to make a FOOTBALL painted pumpkin!!
She did ALL the work herself. .
And got 1st place in her age group of unassisted pumpkin artists!
TWO happy kids!
Tristan and I have been going through his senior pictures and our family pictures. .
Considering which will be blown up. .
Which will be wallet sized to give away. .
Christmas cards. .
Graduation invitations. .
SO much to think about!!
I can't WAIT to show you all of  my favorite pictures from our session. .
But I need to find a little time to upload them to my computer!!
Hers are MUCH better than the ones I snapped. .
And were a LOT of fun to look through!!
The weather has been DELICIOUS here. .
nice brisk mornings, warm afternoons, and cool evenings!!
I'm picking tomatoes by the plenty now. .
And SALSA day is coming up next week!!
I love spring because of the promises of new life. .
But I LOVE fall. .
for the reprieve in the temperatures. .
the VIVID colors in the landscapes. .
the change over to comfort foods. .
And long, lazy evenings curl up in bed and read and study!!
Wishing you all a FANTASTIC Wednesday!!
More fun photos of our life to come. .
Hopefully sooner than later!