Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Bash. .

It's that time of year again. .
When all the spooks congregate at our house. .
With crazy costumes. .
Bringing their spooky foods. .
Ready to play silly. .
And sometimes YUCKY. .
We missed the party last year. .
I had a conference in Boston. .
And a kid with a broken leg. .
And too many football games and extracurricular activities.
I missed it a LOT. .
But this little diva turned ruffian. .
missed it too. .
And has been incessantly asking. .
"Can we PLEASE have a Halloween party??"
I simply had to oblige. .
After all. .
Her oldest brothers were the same age that she is now. .
When we had the first party. .
ELEVEN years ago!!
MOST of the spooks. .
and siblings of the pioneer spooks. .
have grown up. .
SO we got to start off with kind of a new crowd!!
About 1/2 of the 70 plus crowd that turned out. .
were first time party goers. .
But you really couldn't tell it!!
They all jumped in with both feet. .
or paws. .
or claws. .
or hooks. .
However you want to look at it!!
And did I mention. .
How awesome the parents looked too??
That is actually a mom in the v-e-r-y back. .
sporting a green ninja suit. .
And I thought my husband looked CREEPY!!
We played a lot of our old favorite games. .
As you noticed from the pictures above. .
We played the balloon popping race. .
Cami and Devin and I stuffed candy in all those balloons and then blew them up and tied 'em off!
It was a fast and wild way to get them all started!
We bobbed for donuts. .
And used our faces (though some really little ones got to use their fingers too). .
to eat worms. .
Fear Factor food. .
is still a favorite. .
Though. .
Next year. .
I think I will go back to not-so-scary foods!
At least for a few years!!
This was after an anchovy!!
And this poor guy. .
Gagged multiple times on his prune. .
Before he spit it out.
He was trying REALLY hard. .
to make that go down!!
So we gotta give him credit for that!!
The funniest thing to me. .
Is the anticipation on the faces of the little onlookers. .
Watching how their buddies are going to handle the foods!!
Peer pressure isn't ALWAYS bad!!
And of course. .
Our party just wouldn't be the same. .
If they weren't allowed to launch something!!
Field gourds were the order of the day here. .
And you can see how many of them wanted a chance to see. .
Just HOW far. .
They could send them!!
And it is always fun. .
To see what their plates look like. .
As they walk by with 4 desserts. .
And a glass (or two) of punch. .
The party was a success. .
And lots of mom's told of their kids still talking about it several days later!!
Just a few more days. .
Until Halloween. .
Get YOUR scary on!!


  1. This made me smile! I miss your Halloween parties!!

  2. I think you will go down as local LEGENDS in the party arena! What fun!
    You guys are just plain awesome! Wish more parents would be so involved--what a wonderful world that could be.

  3. That is an all out Halloween party! What fun.