Monday, March 9, 2015

We Are Alive!

My mom tells me she is tired of looking at our Halloween pictures. .
I can't really say that I blame her. .
And some of my blog friends have been checkin in on me!!
(Sue I hope you got my return email!!)
Life has been a little wild!!
But a good kinda wild!!
As you can tell. .
No one will really quit growing!!
And this one has been working on scholarship applications and a college course. .
As he gears up to head for Beloit next fall to study carpentry and then heating and air!
He is having plenty of fun his senior year too. .
And has enjoyed managing the boys basketball team. .He had a leading role in Cinderella, the musical last fall. .and is now working with a group for a one act play that they will be competing with soon. Golf starts in a couple weeks. .and he is looking forward to a trip with his buddy to go hog hunting over spring break! 
The countdown is on. .
and there are a LOT of things still left to cram into those days!!
Grant is also looking forward to golf in a few weeks. .
He has been working a lot for his dad in the shop. .
He also shuffles the other two around some to help us out. 
Both boys still have girlfriends with the name Makenzie. 
Talk about confusing for the rest of us!!
I have had a class come up that will be really beneficial to my career. .
And it just so happens to take place after Tristan graduates. .
Because Jeremy can't get away during that time. .
Both boys will be going with me. .
To Key West!!
It's Tristan's graduation gift from his dad and I. .
and maybe Grant's graduation gift too :-)
We are really excited and plan on trying snorkeling, para sailing, kayaking, and hopefully catching a dolphin watch!! The boys will have privileges on a world renown golf course. .so they will do that while I am in class!! Trust me. .we have already started the culture training that it will take to help them fit in to "big city." Wish me luck!!
Devin LOVED basketball. .it was the first time he had ever played. .and he is getting ready to play in a 6th grade tournament in a few weeks. .even though the season ended 6 weeks ago! Track starts today. .and he is pumped up about that!! He LOVES being in the middle of everything. .All three boys will be taking their 4-H talks to the regional competition Saturday. .and we have even tried to get a head start on our record books this year!! 
This little missy. .is still so much fun!! She has learned to do her own hair. .and she is starting to include some styles that are NOT her typical pony tail! Sometimes she actually even combs it first!! She has been liking 4-H too. .and was cute as can be while she stood up in front of two different groups and showed them how to make spicy winter tea mix!! She has finally gotten her two front teeth in. .and we see the dentist in a couple weeks for a checkup. .and see what she thinks about the one that is a little off-kilter!! Praise God though. .we have prayed often, that the tooth would come in fairly straight (prior xrays suggested that it could come in at a 90 degree twist) and it really isn't that bad!
She is learning how to cook. .and also got her own little purple camera for Christmas! She wants to learn to grow cherry tomatoes. .that was the goal she wrote in her record book yesterday! So. .hoping that we can make those grow for her! 
My garden enthusiasm has been completely shattered by the drought. .and a pesky mole. .and likely a lot of pesky mole friends. .that we CAN. NOT. CATCH. .
They are destroying my trees. .and my yard. .
And persist at running tunnels through my flower beds enough to exasperate me right on into the house! My friend Becky and I have made a garden hoppin date in April. .So I bet I will get a second wind of enthusiasm by then!! 
When I am not busy with the family. .
I have been busy with a new online bible study. .
We are studying through all four gospels in 2015. .This is our last month in Matthew. .
I enjoy the opportunity to organize and study and direct. .
I love to study. .and God has taught me so much through His word. .as well as from the other women in the group! It is in a blog format. .so I love that aspect too! 
I have missed this blog. .but something had to give. .and this was the "something." 
For now anyway!!
We enjoyed having our family pictures taken at the same time Tristan had his senior photos taken in October. .
And I thought I might put some of them up. .
Ya know, in case you are tired of looking at Halloween photos too!!
Our first baby. .
preparing to leave the nest. .
It's truly a bittersweet season. .
But we think we will survive!!
The season. .AND the kids!!
Thanks for stoppin by!!


  1. Hi Melanie--I did indeed get your lovely email. But this is MUCH better--I can't get enough of your adorable pictures. You and Jeremy have got to be the most perfect couple ever---I think it looks like Good Girl meets Bad Boy (but not BAD bad!!). I love it. He looks at you like , well, like a guy totally smitten.
    You have one terrific family.
    Glad you've kept busy and so glad for this update.

  2. Hi lady. I have thought of you often and hoped for an update too. So much going all with your clan. Sounds like the near future is going to be plenty busy too. The photos are great. Enjoy all the events. A trip to Key West--fun! Be well and we'll catch up as we can. (Hugs)

  3. Yey!!! Good to "see" you on here!!! I kept checking on you. We have several moles in our yard too. They makes angry and killed several brand new rose bushes last year, by burrowing under and popping them up. >=(

  4. The family photos are just wonderful! You two made some good-looking kids! They ARE your drought or moles there. :) Good to see you back in blog land!

  5. I'm not your mother, but I think it's time for another update! Just sayin'. ;) Seriously, hope you're all well. I'm sure it's been a crazy busy summer! God bless!