Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hosta Hangouts. .

So I mentioned last week that we had been in the middle of wheat harvest. .
We don't help with harvest. .but Jeremy's people grow and harvest wheat for a living. .as well as my family. .and all my boys have grown up working and loving harvest! This year Devin got to shine on the combine. .it's his 3rd year to drive it-but the 1st that was completely on his own. Because it is also his first year to be able to drive anywhere by himself. .I have been provoked to wait up on him each night until he gets home.
The other night I chose to look around on Pinterest for a bit after my studying was done. .I saw this amazing hosta plant. HOSTA's I have always been able to grow without problems. .and this year, several are finally mature and are making my flower bed look GREAT! They really make a great addition to my north flower bed.
north garden. .the end that needs more plants!
Wish I had thought to take a photo of the end that has great hosta activity and flowers!
So I found myself looking this hosta up. .and ended up browsing through
They had so many different varieties. .at great prices.
Which, led me to some late night shopping!
(They also had plants other than hostas. .but hostas were what I was in the market for.)
I ordered 4 new ones. .and received them a few days after I ordered. The root systems were great. .and they have transplanted well, despite the fact that it is June in Kansas!! I wanted to document for myself, which variety is where. .so that is the reason for my post today!
Here is the section of the garden near my bedroom window. .
Prairie Moon is the lime green hosta to the east or left hand side of this photo. I have mostly dark green or bluish hostas. .so I am excited about this pop of color.
Apparently, the starts they send are what they sell to wholesalers who then pot them up and grow them for a bit before selling! I thought they were really nice starts! They already have new little leaves appearing. It will be 16 inches tall by 31 inches wide at maturity.
THIS is the hosta that had caught my eye in the photo depicting it's mature form.
It's called Bridal Falls. .and it has a great wavy leaf with green on green colors. I bought a bigger starter plant vs the small starters that I ordered the others in. .and I can't wait to see how it matures!!
It will be 28 inches tall by 48 inches wide at maturity.
I have always wanted to do little or mini hostas--since they have become their own "thing" in the world of gardening. But I have always been afraid that they would get dwarfed and wouldn't look right or thrive. I bit the bullet anyway and ordered one to see. I have always loved this variety-called "Praying hands." It has such a unique shape of leaf. .
It was the 2011 "hosta of the year" and will get about 18 inches tall and 16 inches wide.
 I also chose another hosta variety called Victory. .I like the green leaf with yellow.
It was the hosta of the year in 2015 and will get to be 33 inches tall by 48 inches wide. .Classified as a giant variety.
I thought and thought about a container I could stick them in for the summer, while deciding whether to put them in the ground. .(some people overwinter hostas in pots. .I haven't tried it yet. .but I am considering it!)
I came up with this self watering planter that Cami planted with a leftover-repotted Foxtail fern and a couple of petunias. You see that they fit absolutely perfectly in there. .and they just happen to be fairly well shaded on this covered deck.
Victory will likely outgrow my pot by the end of the summer.  .but you can see, the leaves were pretty tiny yet. .so I will take the chance.
That planter is stationed behind this picnic table. .
But I couldn't resist adding this photo of the cool succulents that I found a few weeks ago. .These will overwinter in the greenhouse or my north sunny sitting room. .I hope to do some cuttings this winter. Due to the intense hot Kansas sun on the west side of my house-even under the covered deck. .not many plants do well without twice a day water. .something I am not able or willing to do!! But THESE. .make fabulous planters full of interesting texture and color. .for only a couple waterings per week!! I'm so glad that succulents have been the recent craze! It means a lot of interesting choices!
That's it for today!! I hope to be back soon with more happenings and the current goings-on around the yard!! We also have an incredible experience coming soon that will involve our whole family. .
Stay tuned!!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Another update

I've been busy with some pictures and posting lately!!
I won't promise that it will continue. .
But I sure wanted to share the photos that I had taken at the end of our school year.
Cami participated in the football throw. .
High jump, a dash and a relay at her "field day" for school. She is enjoying summer. .
And at this writing. .has stayed busy so far--
She has been to 4-H camp. .vacation bible school. .swimming. .and a basketball camp.
For the first time. .in her 4-H camping history. .
She was able to sleep in her own cabin (albeit in the same twin bunk bed with her tiny counselor friend, Britney). .and the second night of camp. .she slept in her OWN bed. .in her OWN cabin. .
All. Night. LONG!!
WOOP WOOP! Now the possibilities will be endless for her!
Here's her last day of school picture. .
Is that a happy face or what!!
Devin got a signed diploma from the 8th grade!!
He has been busy working for his dad. .
And recently for his grandpa-harvesting wheat!
He got to go to the high school state trap shooting contest earlier this month. .
His team placed 4th! He shot fairly-not as good as he can. .but not as poorly as he has! He enjoyed the experience anyway!!
He was also a camp counselor for 4-H camp this year. .which doesn't even seem possible. .but the kids loved him. .and he did a pretty good job keeping track of everyone and keeping them on task!!
We've had a few fishing trips to our little fishin' hole! You can see on Cami's line that we have had good luck catching. .but they aren't always big enough to keep!! (is that the cutest little ole boat you've seen. .I'd LOVE to plant me some stuff in that!!) The boys went striper fishing at Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. .they caught their limits. .and we have enjoyed their catch!! The older boys were sure glad to take some of their fish supply home to their house to figure out how to cook it on their own!! I wished them the best!
8th grade boys (most of them) with their mamas!! Fun picture.
The big boys are now settling into their own new routines.
Tristan is learning a ton and loving all the new stuff he is getting to do
Devin and some of his best buddies
Grant is 3 weeks into his job at Kenworth and is working long hours. .but absolutely loving the work and all the learning he is doing as well. We look forward to seeing them over the weekend before the 4th.
We miss the older two tremendously. .
But we are settling into a routine with these two. .
And are thankful (nearly always) that they will keep us young for a while yet to come!!
Until next time. .
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Projects and Flowers. .

Happy Tuesday!!
We have survived graduations. .and 4-H camp. .and almost wheat harvest. .it will be over in a few days. .though it hasn't affected me as much as Devin!
The summer has been rocking right along!
We have been blessed with a TON of rain and beautiful weather this spring. .
And the gardens are spectacular!! Thought I would give a quick tour.
This rose is one that we dug from Jeremy's granddad's house a while after he moved to the nursing home.  He LOVED roses. .and had a ton of rose bushes in his backyard. It only has a light fragrance when it is in a vase. .and the flowers haven't impressed me on the bush until this year!
And so, after 3 years of the bush looking crappy in MY yard. .it finally looked good enough to make me cocky about growing more!!  I recently ordered some on sale from Brecks that will smell up my yard I hope!! They have settled in. .and the new bareroot twigs are covered in foliage and two of the 3 new plants have buds!! I will keep you. .and my "records" here posted!!
Here is the memory garden. .the blue atlas cedar is still too sad to take a good close up of. .but, surprisingly, it seems to be making a comeback from the bad winter burn it sustained. .There is yellow Echinacea paradoxa in the back, several types of grasses, Jupitars beard (the pink in the front) and Cardonna purple salvia on the left, with a tiny peek of the Nepeta catnip in the very bottom left. This place is LIT UP with winged creatures all the time!! It's one of my favorite places!! The new daylilies also have buds coming on. .so I will be excited for those to start showing off!
Here's a look from the other side. .in the far back is where the raised bed veggie planters are at! And it is all visible from my favorite rocking chair!
Gallardia are on fire near the pond!
I don't know for sure what this is. .but my Aunt Jane sent seeds from Oregon that I sprinkled out last fall. It is a poppy. .but not like one that I saw in her yard when we were there. .
I neglected to get a picture when this one was in full bloom. .but it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It looked just like the light pink. .except it was flaming magenta!! They are really fragile. .so one day-two tops on the blooms. .the wind just takes their breath away!! I am really hopeful that they will reseed where they are!! I initially thought that she had accidentally sent me lettuce seed. .as it looked just like a fancy head of leaf lettuce!! So the gorgeous flowers were a great surprise!!
Memorial weekend 2010
I love Memorial weekend. .it's always a good time for us to get some projects done. .I remembered one of my favorite projects from 2010 when we moved this slipper slide over. .
Here it is 7 years later. .This thing smells so wonderful!! I love the thick scent in the air when I walk early in the morning! I can often smell it 1/2 way down the long driveway!! It is so cool to be able to see the progress of the garden in pictures. .As I was looking for this photo, I enjoyed looking at some of my other blog photos shared all those years back. .just like baby pictures. .it was fun to see how things developed and changed!
Speaking of projects. .This year, I put Devin to work on a dream feature that I had seen on Pinterest. .
I love the bottle tree that Jeremy made for me several years ago. .
(The larkspur was stunning as usual too!)
The tiny one in the front was our first attempt. .
And then I found a photo of one similar to the bigger tree. .which he sweetly crafted for me!
And since then. .I came across an arc full of bottles that I just loved!! I like Moscato. .and have been saving up my cool blue bottles for ever!! Since I took this photo. .I have been dumpster diving at the recycle center and found a few more to add on!
Jeremy figured out that he has a little grinder in his shop that takes the labels right off without scratching the glass. .and then a little dab of break cleaner gets rid of the tacky glue. .and
Happy, happy, happy!!
I thank you for stopping by. .
I have a few more pictures uploaded for later. .so maybe it won't be long until you hear from me again! Enjoy your summer!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Family Update

Welcome back!!
Nothing like a little "cluster-blogging"
Thought it might be good to do an update. .
Especially since I had so many fun pictures to share!
This girl has gotten about 3 years older all at once. .
She is growing in manners and politeness. .
And is getting to be fine help!!
She got to participate in a gymnastics class and a dance class this year.
She loved them both!
She has gotten pretty tricky at front handsprings on the trampoline. .
And loves practicing!
She had her first recital right before Easter. She was excited and nervous all rolled into one!
She got flowers for the first time in her WHOLE life (Her words). .
And can't wait for it to start all over again next year.
She gets to/has to stay home this summer. Her dad works right at the house in his shop. .But she isn't highly motivated on her own. .so she is despairing the whole idea. .more because she knows that she will have to do some "work". .and that she will get into trouble if she isn't careful!
I am hoping that she will take care of some watering and learn how to get dinner started.
I think it will be a good step for her!
This guy will be graduating GRADUATED. .from 8th grade next week LAST NIGHT (by the time I actually got back to finishing this post :-). He is super excited! He will finally get his very own cell phone! He has been doing a lot of driving with his instructional permit. .and has the mandatory 50 hours of driving done so he can get his farm permit, which will allow him to drive to and from school alone, and to get parts or errands run for his job--working for his dad.
He is glad to be done with track, which he never really liked. .And will look forward to going out for basketball and golf next year as a freshman. He did join a neighboring school to participate in a high school trap shooting team. .and will get to shoot on their varsity team in a few weeks at the state competition. He and his dad are both really excited about that!
Grant and Tristan both graduated last Thursday from tech school in Topeka.
Look at the excitement!
Tristan started a job last week for a commercial carpentry crew. .and got to work on one of the buildings on the campus at the University of Kansas. .He loved every minute of it! He gets to be an 'intern' for 3 months before deciding whether this will be the job for him.
I think he has already decided that it is!!
Grant will continue to work for the feed store that employed him part time through the school year. He will do that until after he and his dad and brothers take their guided fishing trip in a few weeks. After that, he will start working at Kenworth-fixing the big semi rigs that he has loved since he was a tot!
Both of them got their dream jobs. .and we couldn't be happier for them. .
Or prouder! It was a fun weekend to hang out together. .
And, after 50 pictures. .I decided that they aren't any easier to photograph now. .than they were when they were little. Someone was always doing something dumb. .or looking the wrong way. .or making silly faces. .or kissing/licking the person standing next to them. UG!
In the last week. .since I started this post the first time. .
We have finished up a lot of the "end of school" things.
We have been through Cami's play day at school. .
It is essentially a mini-track meet for K-5th.
She did a great job. .
And unfortunately, in about 2 more weeks-it will seem-she will be wearing her own cap and gown!!
These guys were also back all weekend for Devin's graduation. .
Our church celebrated a 100 year anniversary on Sunday. .
So we were busy with that as well as a graduation BBQ in honor of Devin.
Not to mention all the graduation celebrations for the kids of our friends!
It was lots of cooking and hangin.
Devin is heading to get his farmer's permit today. .
And he will be raking in the "dough" at the shop soon!
Tristan had to head back late last night to return to work. .
Grant is heading there today. .as well as my mom returning home. .
So when I get home tonight. .
It should be back to the quiet life. .
As quiet as it gets anyway!
Here is our little grand-pet. .
Rastus. .is Tristan's little hedgehog. .
He is quite ugly, really. .which ALMOST makes him a touch cute.
Cami and Devin are in love. .and I hope I can remain firm in not having one in my own home in the future!
Well. .
That's it from this crazy crew. .
We have a characteristically busy summer getting started as soon as next week. .
Camps, jobs, an exchange student coming, road trips, and of course. .
the LAKE!
I hope to showcase some garden blooms again soon. .
But then, you know how that sometimes goes!!
Thanks for stopping by!