Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Quarterly Update. .

Hey family and friends!
I had enough of a break in my schedule. .
that I thought I might change out my pictures and update our story. .
 I think I last updated about 3 months ago. .
I'm not sure that a ton of things have changed. .
But here's what we have. .
Tristan is outta here. .
This mom cried for several weeks. .
and still cries every time he leaves.
It's been really weird. .
But I would say that we are adapting.
He just finished his first semester as a college kid.
Jeremy and I hope to go up after the first of the year and check out the house that his carpentry class is building.
Tristan and the two roommates that were there on move-in day!
He works a few odd jobs at college. .But is glad to be home for a month to replenish his bank account!
They have started some intramural basketball in the evenings. He reports that it is a lot of fun! He passed his college math class. .which was everyone's biggest concern. .And is left with only one general ed class next semester. .which is speech. .And for a veteran 4-H kid who also loved forensics. .I would say it should be smooth sailing!
Speaking of 4-H. .
He and Grant both achieved the Key Award for their last year of 4-H. This is the highest award that the kids can get based on their level of involvement in the 4-H program. About 2% of the kids in 4-H nationwide will achieve this award!
Mr. Grant. .
Thoroughly enjoying his senior year.
Took senior pictures in late September. .He let me go and watch. .and I had to laugh as the photographer asked him about posing one way or another. .and his dead-pan response was "I don't know, you'll have to ask my mom. .This day is all about her." We kept joking back and forth about the fact that he didn't want to take pictures. .and I continually told him. .that it wasn't even about him. .just about the senior mom! I think our constant bantering wears Jeremy out!
We also bantered back and forth all summer. .
about him running cross country.
I thought that he would be a great runner. .
He thought that he would hate to run.
For some unknown reason. .except that he claims to be a people pleaser. .
He finally decided that he would run. .
And really enjoyed it. .
He hates it when I am right!
He did great for a kid who hasn't run a race in 4 years. .
And agreed that he liked it well enough. .that if he hadn't been graduating. .he would do it again next year!
He will work for his dad after school all winter. .
And then plans on golfing in the spring. .He sure would like to golf at State this year.
And then graduation in May!
Next fall he will head to Topeka to study Diesel Mechanics. .
And has an open mind on where he wants to go. .and what he wants to do after that.
I'm glad that both boys are open to wherever God leads them!
Devin. .
100% junior high this year. .
He enjoyed going out for football as a 7th grader. .they don't let 6th graders go out.
He learned lots and had fun being a part of the team.
He is now in basketball and loves being involved in everything.
I had some awesome parents that agreed to help us host a junior high Halloween party at our place in the country. We had the most beautiful fall night night you could imagine. .and we played games in the dark by the light of a fire and tiki torches. Then they hunted candy corns with flashlights in the dark while parents and teenage siblings took advantage of the opportunity to scare the socks off of them!
A pinterest idea. It's layered Mexican dip. .arranged to look like vomit. I laughed for like an hour after I finished!
 The Fear Factor food game was a hit. .with a whole new level of nasty looking foods with horrid names! The cats had a good night!!
 I got a little panicked about the whole party thing about a week in advance. .realizing that we had the potential to ruin the kid's reputation for life if it was a bust!! BUT. .the kids had a blast. .and Devin told me a few days ago. .that several of the kids remarked that they had had so much fun at the Halloween party. .that they were hoping that we would do a Christmas party too :-)
He shot his first deer last Friday. .
A 10 pointer. He and his dad have been making deer jerky, and everyone seems to like it pretty well!
These two and I finally made it to the Peace Treaty in Medicine Lodge. .I've wanted to go for years. .and never made it. We had a great time!!
Cami. .Loves 2nd grade. .She is getting so grown up! She can put her own mop up into a pony tail (if she has to), can read books in her head, and can change her own earrings! She has gotten to go to the mini-cheer camps at the high school twice this year and loves doing that! It also means that she gets to do a 1/2 time performance to show off what she learns!
She "auditioned" for a part in her music program. .and had both some speaking lines and a "rap song" solo. She said she was nervous until her first word into the microphone. .and then she was just HOOKED! Our church is putting on a Christmas program this weekend during worship service time. .and she has been practicing a solo. She is excited!
8th birthday. She was very specific in her cake directions to grandma Pat. .A brown horse, standing on his back legs with clouds and grass. She got 'er all in there!!
 She also talked her dad into getting a puppy. Apparently some fool told the girl. .that when she was 8. .she could get a dog. WHAT?? So. .right before she turned 8. .she started asking. Grant's girlfriend's family had a litter of 10 pups this fall. .and so we took 2 of them. .so they wouldn't get lonely!
They are 1/2 Rottweiler and 1/2 Pyranese.
They are laid back and sweet! And we all love them. .Especially Tristan. .who reports that HE had wanted a dog F-O-R-E-V-E-R. .and never got one! He may be holding a minor grudge!
The rest of us. .
are up to nothing different!
I am finishing up a year long study in the four gospels. The online bible study went well. .It takes most of any extra time that I have. .hence the neglect of this blog. I think I am about ready for Christmas. .shopping is done. .wrapping is mostly done. .baking and candy making are done too. .Cards and letter written and mailed. .We have family pictures this coming weekend with my inlaws. .We haven't done it for years. .so I am looking forward to that!
 Jeremy just keeps doing what he always does. .
He hates winter. .and is already for spring. .
Sue. .he would NEVER survive your Michigan winter!!
Finishing our big family project from last Christmas. We used our hands to make snowpeople on a small canvas. .He was the last one to finish up for me. I'll have to take a picture of my whole board full of them!
 I'm not sure that I have anything else that exciting to report. .
So I will sign off. .
From our house to yours. .
We wish you a VERY merry Christmas. .
and a blessed and healthy New Year!!