Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stay Tuned!!

A little Halloween surprise!!
Stay tuned for the Halloween party pictures. .
Cause. . . 
want to miss
Happy Halloween everyone!!
Be safe. .
Be spooky. .
and don't eat so much candy that you make your tummy hurt. .
Ok, well--go ahead--this only happens once a year!
Enjoy your tricks. .and treats.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Greenhouse in Motion

As we have been getting closer to freezing temperatures, I have been working a little faster to be ready for them.  The last few weeks have found me trying to get the greenhouse prepared and ready for the winter.  Initially, that included having Jeremy install automatic window openers on the remaining two ceiling window vents (2 of the windows already have these installed).  These operate based on the inside temperature, and open wider to let out the hot air, trying to keep the internal temperature as close to 70 degrees as possible.  I love 'em! They also seem to keep the windows closed tighter than the little sticks provided with the greenhouse. I also have been filling in cracks with expanding foam.  Remember, we used free terracotta cinderblock-like bricks.  It does help insulate and hold in heat, but it also makes a good place for bugs. .and a small rodent tunnelled in through the dirt and a break in the plastic (one small break in the WHOLE piece surrounding the entire greenhouse--and he found it!)
I was holding out last year, because I think the stuff is quite ugly.  But I decided this year, after being eaten alive by fire ants who had enjoyed a summer home there, that I could certainly live with it.  I hope to be ambitious enough to trim it down and paint it, so it won't be so eye catching.
I'm glad the first year in the greenhouse is over.  I certainly feel more prepared for how things might work out this year--and eager to try some new things this year. 
Last week I took some passion vine cuttings from a friend.  I tried rooting some earlier this summer with varied success.  This time I decided to experiement and try some in water and some using rooting hormone and soil.
I re-cut the ends and dipped them in rooting hormone (found at Lowes)
Then I stuck them down firmly in a small pot of soil.  Hopefully, in a few weeks they will start to make roots.

Last winter I used an old glass shower door perched atop some leftover bricks for a shelf.  This summer, I found the other shower door.  I found some more bricks and put a second shelf up.  It's amazing how strong these metal and glass doors are--and they are working perfectly for my purpose.  I have since sowed some lettuce greens in small planters and they will stay on the top shelf, as well as some herbs. 
I read in another blog that a woman was making cuttings from her basil plants and growing them in water.  I was intrigued by this, and since I didn't sow any basil seeds earlier this greenhouse season, I decided to do an experiment to see if it works.  I also stuck a few snips of oregano in there, since they got in the way of my snippers.  You'll also notice the old glass spaghetti canister behind the basil.  Those are the passion flower cuttings waiting for roots to happen. I think the vines are just beautiful!!
The small tomato plants are growing well and got themselves replanted into their larger homes.  I had 6 plants last season, which didn't seem to be nearly enough.  This year I have 12 plants.  They didn't get as bushy and big as I thought--so I think they will be just fine this close together. Time will tell, as always.  I'm also hoping Jeremy will fix me a stand to hang one set of shop lights on.  I would like to plug them into a timer and give the 'maters an extra few hours of light--to see if that will help production. 
These crazy little peppers were some that grew from the second batch of seed I sowed last March.  Remember. .right after I baked the first batch in my oven while my sis was visiting? 3 survived the summer in my flower bed.  They are just starting to bloom, and I was nervous about transplanting them. .they wilted for a few days, but they are looking great now! I decided that next spring, I will plant several in bigger nursery pots and stick the whole pot in the garden soil.  Then I can just lift the pot and take it to the greenhouse for the winter.  We have eaten peppers all summer off the pepper plants that I started in for the greenhouse last September.  I'm glad that they transplanted well, because I had another mishap with the pepper plants that I germinated last month.

Earlier this week, I took some cuttings off my coleus plants. These rooted easily last fall, and we enjoyed their foliage as bigger plants this summer.  I also had time to take some cuttings off my new lavender plants.  I found (by accident) last year that they rooted well in the greenhouse over the winter.  I repotted a little piece of it because the year before my lavender had died.  I was afraid it would croak again--but it survived the winter and was beautiful this summer, especially the last few weeks--it's really blooming.  Being a little bit pessimistic and a little bit realistic--I'm not sure that I have faith that the new Anouk plants will survive their winter on the east slope.  Hopefully they will continue to grow indoors.  I lifted the small elephant ear bulbs given to me by a friend.  I decided to pot them up and see if they will continue to grow this winter instead of going dormant.  I brought my larger potted elephant ear in and it's large leaves are providing some nice interest in the greenhouse now.
The last houseplant made its way into the house too.  So, I guess we are "officially" ready for winter and a good thing too.  The thermometer hit 30 degrees Wed. night.  Some of my plants took a hit, but not as many as I thought.  So I should have some continued blooms from the annuals for another few days. 
I sure enjoyed the greenhouse last winter, and look forward to a new year of experiments and a nice place to enjoy nature when it's too nasty to be outside.
Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Curb Appeal--Real Life

I often wonder (as everyone does, I'm sure) "what my dream job would be?" 
Well, I DO love my current jobs. .but I'm a passionate kinda gal. .and I like LOTS of things.
One thing that I think would TOTALLY rock, is being a landscape designer. .for someone who has lots of money and doesn't mind spending it. And one that also has a garden laborer--who doesn't mind digging holes and moving heavy rocks and hardscaping. .cause I'm getting too old for that.
Last weekend I took my first crack at the job. .and helped my sis and her husband with the front of their house.  It was a ton of fun for me. .and because it rains there-I didn't even mind digging in the dirt.
They had some big 'ole nasty shrubby bushes covering up the whole front of the house--I didn't even know what they were.  Chris took those out a few weeks ago and did a little dirt work the day before we got there.  Kristi sent me pictures and dimensions several weeks ago so I could see what would fit and get some ideas.  Then she went to the local nurseries before I got there, so she could take my ideas and decide which plants she liked best. 
Saturday morning we turned loose of all the kids and husbands and went shopping.  We got a great deal on the shrub.  It is a Colorado blue spruce. .Fat Albert to be specific.  He grows about 15-16 foot tall and not quite that wide.  This guy was out back--the tallest they had--but a little neglected.  They gave her a 75% discount--plus a 6 month warranty.  I think they can easily make it grow.  When we pulled it out of the pot, it was easy to see why it was looking a little rough.  The roots were so bound in there, it wasn't even funny.  I showed her how to snip, cut, and tease them out so they will grow down into the ground now, instead of in a circle.  I'll owe her 50 bucks if it dies!
We filled in one side with mums in her favorite mum colors.  On the other side we planted two tallish grasses, as well as Crazy daisy shastas, purple catmint (Napeta walker's low) to sprawl up toward her sidewalk, and some purple salvia. Because Uncle informed us when we got back that we hadn't spent the whole allowance (only because I didn't ask and she didn't volunteer that information) I think she will go back and get some more smaller mums to fill in.  I think they will love the vibrant green grasses with the blue of the spruce, complemented by the whites, yellows, and purples of the periennials we planted. 

We finished the project by stealing her super cool birdhouse and bath from the backyard and putting them in the front display.  We worked on the project with a limited budget.  Because of that, we opted to fill in the bed starting closest to her front door.  As time marches on, they can gradually add a section at a time to fill in the rest of the bed.  As it works toward the right side of the house, it gets much shadier and will require different types of plants.  Chris and I talked about some dirt work and edging effects they could try.  We both got pretty excited about the possibilities.  They have the perfect setup to make a dry creek bed to carry the excess rainwater down the hill and away from their house.  I'm a little jealous, because I would love to put one in at my house--but the ideas and logistics haven't hit me yet.  So I can't WAIT for them to get to that part of their makeover!
So, for less than $200, we were able to really improve the curb appeal of their home!! And the best part for her?? The consulting fee was only 2 pina coladas and a couple red beers!!
It don't get no better than that!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Trip

I appreciate the well wishes of everyone who commented on my last post!! We enjoyed a great weekend in Topeka with my sis.  We did a lot of relaxing!!
The boys enjoyed each others' company and the weather couldn't have been any better!! Beautiful, breezy days and crisp nights.  The leaves were falling and the colors were vibrant! The kids found Uncle Chris's lawn wagon and spent 2 days video-ing each other riding it down the hill and ramping it over a broken pile of hay.  No major accidents or injuries were incurred! (miraculous considering some of the faceplant footage I viewed later!)
Cami and Kadon played well too--and both had been asking about the other the entire week before we met! I thought that was just sweet!
We took the kids roller skating on Saturday afternoon.  Even the old guys skated. 
Cami, Kadon, Kristi and I did the hokey pokey on skates--and the babies were pretty good!! Cami just kept watching me and imitating the moves--she didn't want to miss out on a SINGLE action! (Becky I know you are laughing, because you can totally see her doing that)
Kadon just moved :-)  They were both skating by themselves by the end of the session.
My favorite part of the weekend was the trip Kristi and I made to the nursery to buy vegetation for a makeover in the front of her house! We enjoyed looking at all the stuff--and saved a little money with their end of season sales.  Saturday afternoon found us putting the plants in the ground--and she said I could use the pictures on my blog--so I will post them later this week.
Kristi and I spent several hours playing our favorite games. . .scrabble and yahtzee! And even though I accused her of cheating (who can roll ONE yahtzee in a game. .let alone TWO!??) I just think she might be pretty good at the game!  But don't tell her that. .I wouldn't want her to get cocky!
The meals were great and the company was even better and the ride home was REALLY long!!! Jeremy made a pit stop in Wichita to run around at the flea market for a couple hours. We hooked up with mom and her sister while there too!
It's good to get away for a few days. .and even better when your family is on the other end. .
I'm so glad that I can say that. .I know many people can't!
Appreciate your family today!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Wonderin' . . .

. . .What the odds are that I will survive my children until they move out??
This is our beautiful daughter Camille.
She's friendly, sweet, busy, and curious!!
She's a good sleeper, eats enough to stay alive, and takes medicine well. .
Perhaps too well.  Camille found Papa's heart medicine last night.
Did I also mention that she counts well too??
She advised Granny that she ate 2 of the pills.  Granny went into orbit, because indeed,
some pills seemed to be missing. 
She was immediately brought to me at the church where I was helping with the junior high youth group.
Jeremy calmly mentioned that they thought she had taken some pills.
Then he handed me the slip of paper with the name of the medicine and dosage on it.
I went into orbit and made an 80 mph trip to the hospital (something I haven't done since my last night on ER call last Jan--and certainly something I have NEVER done for my own kids!)
Thanks to the quick actions of my husband, poison control, our great nurse Megan, her trusty helper Becky (who actually took these pictures on her cell phone and emailed them to me--my perk for being part of our hospital family), and the doctor, we had Cami sipping held down--swallowing nasty activated charcoal that was shot into her mouth from a syringe--all the while she was pleading to get down and crying "I'm done, I'm done." This was accomplished within 45 minutes of ingestion of the pills.  Of all the medicines that she COULD have taken from papa, she chose the one that can stop the heart at high doses and drop the blood pressure dangerously. .or even fatally.
She didn't miss a beat though. .as soon as they let her up after the charcoal--she showed them all of her cheerleading cheers, complete with her "splits" jump and the one legged high knee jump. 
Thank God. . .
Her blood pressures and pulse rates stayed normal and we only had to stay for a few hours-until the peak effect of any drug ingestion would have occurred.
I think that Granny lost a few years off her life last night. .and no doubt
some more of my hair turned gray. .
Alls well that ends well!! And we're looking forward to an enjoyable weekend at my sisters' with the cousins!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My New Obsession

OK, so I am sorry if you are sick of hearing about roadrunners. .but here is another post including them.  Cami and I were out walking last Friday--and saw, not one, but TWO roadrunners in our path at the same time.  I took that to mean that the roadrunner(s) we have been seeing for nearly a year now (off and on) must live at our house somewhere.  Which caused me to wonder more about them--like where they live, how they nest, what they eat, etc.  Mind you, we googled them last winter when we saw the first one a couple times, to find out how to keep them around because they were so cool lookin'.  We found out they eat snakes and mice and that's all I remember.  I googled them again to get some more information--the results were fun to read--and I thought I might share some facts with you.
They can be found in my neck of the woods year round (barely)--we are at the very bottom of Kansas along the northern border of their usual territory. They prefer arid and semi arid conditions-we definitely qualify there!

They can be up to 24 inches long from their beak to the tip of the tail  and weigh between 8-24 oz.
They mostly prefer to walk or run but can fly if scared.  They can run up to 20 mph--not bad!
Plant material makes up about 10% of their diet--the rest is from insects, frogs, rodents, scorpions, snakes, and even other birds--including little birds innocently eating from backyard birdfeeders (gulp). They are fast enough to snatch a hummingbird or dragonfly out of the air.
They are one of the only things that can eat a rattlesnake before the snake eats them (great quality around here!!).  They do this by grabbing the snake's tail and flipping it's head against the ground multiple times until the snake is dead.  Because it generally eats it's food whole, the roadrunner ingests as much of the snake as will go down in one swallow.  The rest of the snake just hangs out of its mouth until there is room in its stomach to swallow a little more. Sometimes it takes two roadrunners to kill a really large snake (I'm so glad that they are equipped with man power enough to kill the big snakes at my house!)
He courts his girl by offering her choice bits of his food while he dances around her.  But get this. .he will TAUNT her, and only after he MATES her, will he actually SHARE the food with her. .can you spell
M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N?? And to top it off, he taunts her till she begs!! Glad I'm not a roadrunner--I would certainly starve!!
They gather materials for their nest together (usually small, thorny branches--go figure) but then the female builds the nest (probably so she can strategically place each thorn so he might find one when it is his turn to sit on the nest--usually at night. .in the dark. .HAHA-DON'T MESS WITH WOMEN!!)
She lays around 10 eggs over the course of several days. 
The first to hatch out, usually crowd the later arriving babies out of the nest.  These may be eaten by their parents (there are days that I truly envy this rite of parenthood in their culture!)
The baby birds usually fledge out of the nest after about 18 days. Then hang out for another couple of weeks with their parents before they move out totally.  This whole process usually happens in the spring/summer. So I am sure that I have missed any baby roadrunner opportunities this year. 
I am eager to see if I can locate their nest in our tree row.
Roadrunners can become prey for hawks, house cats, raccoons, skunks, and interestingly, bullsnakes and rat snakes. 

The roadrunners around our house have provided us with lots of entertainment this year.  My desire for more knowledge is now quenched and hopefully you enjoyed a little "lesson" on my NEW obsession!

(Pictures courtesy of internet sources)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wichita Thuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnder

Saturday night found us at our very first ice hockey game!!
The verdict??
If we lived closer to Wichita--some of us would TOTALLY be addicted!! 
This game was a 4-H promotional night.  Each member and leader that went got in for $5 apiece.  The remaining tickets weren't terribly expensive either--so it was a great opportunity to get out of our proverbial boxes and do something that we wouldn't ordinarily do!
I didn't necessarily "get" the game.  Neither did anyone else from our group.  But the excitement wasn't hard to "get" at all! And the atmosphere of excitement in the arena was AWESOME!
Things I learned about ice hockey:

Many players on midwest teams are "imported" from Canada and northern states, cause we don't have enough ice to play on all winter long to learn to skate that fast!  Guess that's why everyone here rides horses instead!

If a hockey player trips another player, the whistle blows and they lock them in a plastic box for 2 minutes while everyone else gets to play without them (much like a child's "time out" for a misbehaving hockey player)--HOWEVER--if a huge fist fight between 2 players just so happens to break out, the refs stand and watch them duke it out until they fall to the ice--then the whistle is blown and the games goes on like nothing ever happened. Huh??

It didn't take us long to figure out that if you heard a whistle and saw fans jumping out of their seats, you should also stand quickly lest you miss the fist fight.
If you are a mascot for the Wichita Thunder, it's perfectly legal to ride your little car anywhere you feel like. . even if it IS the middle of the hockey rink! But he could do GREAT donuts on the ice!

The experience gives you a great opportunity to talk with your children about good sportmanship and reasons not to yell "you suck" repeatedly at the other team.  We were SOO blessed to sit several rows above two die-hard Thunder fans--who yelled with raspy voices the entire game! Really nothing profane--just obnoxious. It sounded to me like this wasn't their first rodeo--and either they had already been yelling for hours before the game started-or they permanently damaged their voices by routinely annoying other ice hockey fans at multiple games before this one! Hmmmmm.
Hockey players (and referrees) are incredible athletes! I was thoroughly amazed at how fast they moved, turned circles, skated backwards and side ways, and how quickly they could jump over someone who fell over right at their feet to avoid falling themselves--all while wielding a frightening-looking 5-foot metal weapon.

Ice hockey is a fast moving game--sometimes a little hard to follow if you are a rookie fan. But we had a great time anyway! 
Cami wasn't too into the game (as one would expect from a 2 year old) but she did enjoy the $5 tub of popcorn--and enjoyed showing off how she could throw the popcorn into the air and catch it in her mouth. . NOT!! After I saw about 7 kernels of gold popcorn hit the arena floor, I had to put a stop to it!! She was showing me her smile to let me know--No hard feelings!
We had 24 tickets to the game--and I don't think a single person could say that they didn't enjoy it!!
Another check mark for an item on my bucket list of things to do in my lifetime!!

If you ever get the chance to go watch an ice hockey game. .you should. .it's a great time!
I hope some day that we have an opportunity to watch another one!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Harvest Munchies

I just HAD to share one of our favorite fall recipes with you. .especially in time for a little weekend munching!  I found this recipe many years ago, I think in a taste of home publication.  It was a great hit, and found its way into our home at least once each season!  The recipe is listed out at the bottom. 
This time I made 1 1/2 times the recipe--which worked perfectly with the bag size of the pretzels and two boxes of ritz bits.  I used my big roaster pan instead of the cookie sheets.
Cookin' up the butter (I actually used real butter this time--I usually just use margarine), sugar and syrup.
Mix it all together, being a little careful not to smash the peanut butter crackers--they are a bit delicate--and stick her in the oven for a roast.
After you stir and roast; and stir and roast; take it out and toss the candies in the pot.  It looks really cool if you can find fall colored m & m's--but I couldn't this year--And I hate to admit, that I HAVE, in the past, picked out the undesirable colors--but not this time--everything went!

This mix is good for picking out each piece individually and nibbling them one by one, or throwing a whole handful in your mouth at once, making sure that you have a piece of everything in there.  Try it out...It's easy--and your people will love you!

Halloween Party Mix
11 oz pretzels (mini)
10 ½ oz box Ritz Bits peanut butter crackers
1 cup dry roasted peanuts
1 cup sugar
½ cup butter
½ cup light corn syrup
2 tbsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
10 oz M & M’s (Plain)
18 ½ oz candy corn
In large bowl mix pretzels, crackers, and peanuts. In a large saucepan, mix sugar, butter and syrup. Bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and soda (mixture will foam). Pour over cracker mixture and stir until coated. Pour into a greased sheet cake pan. Bake at 250 for 45 min stirring every 10-15 min. Break apart while warm, toss with candies and cool completely. Store in airtight container.

Warning: This must not be consumed while mindlessly munching and watching TV. .or reading. .or anything else for that matter.  It has been reported to be addictive and may add unwanted creases to certain areas of your body, in which case, consumption may not be advised for everyone.  Children should have adult supervision while partaking of this treat. .and then again. .so should adults!!
Ah Heck. .Just know that you're GONNA love it, and it might make you fat. .so enjoy a walk in the crisp fall air after you consume the whole pot!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Grass Is Always Greener

I know that I have said it before. .but I think the best thing about gardening is the ever-changing scenery!! I think the flower colors this time of year just pop with color!! I am still seeing monarchs floating through the yard daily.  This guy I caught nipping off the maximillan sunflowers to boost his energy for the trip!
Here's another picture of our roadrunning visitor.  He perched on top of my decorative birdhouse--don't believe that he will be able to come go in for coffee though!
The grasses are now rustling in the wind.  Their feathery seed heads waving gracefully above the foliage.  This particular grass is karly rose.  I haven't been disappointed with her.  This is probably her mature size, and her deep pink/purple seed heads add some seasonal color.

This varigated grass gets about 4-5 feet tall, with seed heads rising above that.  I have transplanted this variety to several locations throughout my landscape.  Too bad I have no idea what to call it!  It adds winter interest as well. 

Here's a spot of maiden grass.  I suspect that next year will be the year to really see how this little one performs.  It seems to have a pink head too.  You also will see some maximillin sunflowers in the foreground.  These little jewels like our environment here and grow like. .well. .weeds :-)  They were taking over in front of my deck, so I transplanted some to my large flower beds.  It will be alright for them to grow wild there (I think).  I transplanted them in late May or early June.  I am just astounded that they actually bloomed!  They make such a big splash of color!
The fun thing about these sunflowers is that they bloom up the entire stalk before they are done for the season.  I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed in the contrast between this flower and the little blue spruce behind it.

The mums are taking off.  The burgundy ones are a little slow this year it seems.  But the burnt orange, purple, and yellow ones are right on time.  These get my attention daily as I look out my kitchen window across the pond.
The grass only looks greener on the other side. .until you actually get over there!! I promise that if you wandered through my gardens you would find plenty of weeds, dead plants, and other problem spots. .the benefits of having my own blog is that I can edit. .and show you what I want you to see (and provide myself with memories of the good stuff--and not the eyesores)  Look around your neighborhood.  See how bright the colors are, watch how the animals (and humans) scurry around preparing for winter, enjoy the last of the flying beauties before they soon become a memory until next year. 'Tis the season to be thankful!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pond Unveiled

Well, nearly 3 weeks after the ground was broken--the pond is UP AND RUNNING!  It's not perfect yet, and undoubtedly will still take some thinking and changing to come in the next few months.  I'll take you on a little tour of how things look right now.  Above you'll see the little lily pads.  I went ahead and ordered a few plants to get started with.  The things that I read advised to get oxygenating plants in the bottom of the pond ASAP to start the ecological goodness.  They are not really considered "oxygenators," but I wanted some anyway--since I was ordering and all!  They were the priciest purchase. The submerged plants were only about $2 apiece. These lily pads will go to the deepest area of the pond in a few weeks when the temps drop.
Ta. .Da--here is the morning view right out of my front door.  You'll see what's left of my fall display on the right--the sparrows found it quickly and ravished it!!  The stream bed/waterfall is coming into the picture from the left.
This evening view shows the maturing shrub and flower bed to the south of the pond.  I think I can make this all look pretty seamless in a couple of years!  The skimmer/pump is directly across the picture--it is barely noticeable with the camoflauge from the rock
Here is a close up of the stream bed.  The water flows through it VERY quickly and makes beautiful music! I LOVE the way it bounces around the rocks and out into the pond.  You can see the sheet of water coming out of the falls, and then again a small one coming off the flagstone rock. The filter fall itself needs a little more camo work--I have been trying to think that out.  You might also notice the liatris on the left of the photo that Cami and I planted last week. The green spot of plant directly across the center of the photo behind the creek is an area that will be boggy conditions for water loving plants. There is also an area a little bit larger surrounded by limestone that will also be boggy. I transplanted a creeping jenny that I bought at half price in June, not realizing that they are water lovers.  Not sure how I managed to keep them both alive, but they are! And I'm sure that this one will be happier here.  The other one will remain where it is until spring and then will probably be transplanted as well.
A view looking toward the north
I love the reflections in the water.
Look who else showed up to investigate??  Do you see him.  The roadrunner made his appearance on Salsa day--not sure if he came to see the pond or taste the salsa.  But whatever the reason, we enjoyed watching him for a few minutes.  He was actually talking a bit (I've never heard their voices till now). The other resident birds have been sipping from the sides as well--I'm sure they are the first of many creatures to come!
We are also the owners of some free fish.  Our friend threw a bunch of goldfish into his farm tank after his daughter's wedding 2 1/2 years ago.  They eat whatever falls in from the cattle, and have multiplied rapidly.  They took a sane (a mesh contraption on two poles) and swiped it down through the water, catching about 19 smallish goldfish which we released into our pond.  There are about 3 that are around 6 inches long.  Several of them are changing colors and have some white spots on them.  We will feed them for a few weeks until the water is cold enough that they go into a winter "sleep."  So far we have all enjoyed watching the little guys check out their new home!  The first morning I looked out to see the whole school of them on the south side of the pond.  On the edge of the pond were about 10 sparrows lined up in a row and both species seemed to be really checking each other out.  I had to laugh out loud, it looked so comical. 
The pond has been daily pleasure for everyone around here!! We can't wait to see how it changes through the seasons.  It has been nice to listen to the water fall again.  I hope to video the pond soon with the water sounds so you can all enjoy it for a minute.  Have a great week!!