Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Fall Deco

While Cami and I were "adventuring" the other day, we collected some milo stalks from the field of a friend.  I find that they make really nice arrangements for the front porch.  They also make really nice feeders for the resident sparrows--who invariably find and consume them quickly! Last year I had some corn stalks too, but didn't have access to any this year.  We did, however, add in some green feed heads that granny is growing for her cattle.  Placed in the old cream can (with bricks at the bottom to keep it from toppling) and added to the orange moss rose in the pot and extra large pumpkin D and I bought last weekend--it makes a very fallish atmosphere around here!  This photo of the pond was taken before the leak was repaired, and the water was down about a foot from where it will be.
The pond is up and running now. .leak free!! Hoping to go "fishin" at a friend's goldfish tank. So there will be photos soon!
These pumpkins and gourds were all picked from me and God's garden (you may remember that I didn't plant most of those gourd plants!!).  Woo Hoo!! And the galvanized bucket was my 50 cent prize from the annual garage sales last weekend!!
I was having so much fun decorating, that I decided to do one for my picnic table too.  I used an old clay saucer and my antique watering can. Hopefully the pyracanthus berries will stay nice for a few weeks.  I also used some seed heads from one of the ornamental grasses in my yard and combined the arrangement with some small gourds and pumpkins. 
We are enjoying them all very much!
The best thing?? Aside from the huge pumpkin, worth his entire $15, and the 50 cent tub--the whole thing was free!! And that is PRICELESS!  Look around--bet you can come up with some ideas too!
Happy fall, ya'll!!

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