Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Wonderin' . . .

. . .What the odds are that I will survive my children until they move out??
This is our beautiful daughter Camille.
She's friendly, sweet, busy, and curious!!
She's a good sleeper, eats enough to stay alive, and takes medicine well. .
Perhaps too well.  Camille found Papa's heart medicine last night.
Did I also mention that she counts well too??
She advised Granny that she ate 2 of the pills.  Granny went into orbit, because indeed,
some pills seemed to be missing. 
She was immediately brought to me at the church where I was helping with the junior high youth group.
Jeremy calmly mentioned that they thought she had taken some pills.
Then he handed me the slip of paper with the name of the medicine and dosage on it.
I went into orbit and made an 80 mph trip to the hospital (something I haven't done since my last night on ER call last Jan--and certainly something I have NEVER done for my own kids!)
Thanks to the quick actions of my husband, poison control, our great nurse Megan, her trusty helper Becky (who actually took these pictures on her cell phone and emailed them to me--my perk for being part of our hospital family), and the doctor, we had Cami sipping held down--swallowing nasty activated charcoal that was shot into her mouth from a syringe--all the while she was pleading to get down and crying "I'm done, I'm done." This was accomplished within 45 minutes of ingestion of the pills.  Of all the medicines that she COULD have taken from papa, she chose the one that can stop the heart at high doses and drop the blood pressure dangerously. .or even fatally.
She didn't miss a beat though. .as soon as they let her up after the charcoal--she showed them all of her cheerleading cheers, complete with her "splits" jump and the one legged high knee jump. 
Thank God. . .
Her blood pressures and pulse rates stayed normal and we only had to stay for a few hours-until the peak effect of any drug ingestion would have occurred.
I think that Granny lost a few years off her life last night. .and no doubt
some more of my hair turned gray. .
Alls well that ends well!! And we're looking forward to an enjoyable weekend at my sisters' with the cousins!


  1. So glad all is well.
    Thank goodness she said something.
    May you have a fun, carefree weekend.

  2. Poor Cami. And poor you. So glad everything ended up ok!!

  3. Ohhh myyyy goshhh! I am SO not going to complain about my daughter's day anymore. I am so glad everything turned out alright - praise God for quick action! Lovely pics for her scrapbook, though. ;)

  4. WOWZER!! That's pretty crazy! But speaking of those cheerleading moves, I really need to know where you got the cheerleading doll Cami has taken to Becky's? I am certain Cambree Jane was coveting it as much as she has talked about it. Please, please tell me where I can get one of those dolls!! Glad to hear Cami is okay.

  5. I am so glad that your Cami is ok. I know Granny has to still be shaking as those "what ifs" continue to roll thru her mind! Praise God for the knowledge given to quickly act & prevent a tragedy in your family. Hang in there Mom! You're earning every one of those gray hairs. I know I have my gray hairs named due to various childhood episodes!!!

  6. OOOHHH MYYYY GOODNESS!! My mouth dropped open when I started to read this. I am so happy that everything has turned out well. Thank you God for saving her! Wow, you really do need a relaxing weekend after that!

  7. WOW I'm glad everything turned out OK for Cami! Praise God! And thankful for good nurses! :) That would've been so scary. I can only imagine. The worst we had was when C.R. ate a whole bunch of tums once.

  8. Oh, Mel, I am so glad you finished your degree with honors! I bet that even scared Jeremy, and he ain't scared of nothin. Poor Jill and Roger- glad it wasn't me! Little Cami has one guardian angel that needs both eyes wide open. MOM

  9. I was waiting for this post! So glad she is ok, Mel. And I'm glad she jumped right up and showed me her cheer moves...I was afraid she'd never speak to me again!