Saturday, July 9, 2016

Garden Tour. .

I've stayed away longer than I expected!
I took a few pictures a couple weeks back. .but never had time to post them. .
So here ya go. .
Beware--heavy on photos this time!!
We have had so much rain and cooler temperatures than we have for quite a while. .that the vegetation is looking great!! And I wanted to document it. .oh and share it with you all too!!
Here is the cucumber jungle! I have picked a few small picklers and one large cucumber today! The dill is at the lower center of the photo. At the back of this garden is the pepper plants and beets! 
Here is my blackberry bush! WOW!! We have picked handfuls and handfuls!! Because the garage we just tore down was mounted on a concrete base wall. .I can now walk behind this bush and the soil level is at my waist. .SO. .after Jeremy builds me a wooden support. .We will train the bush over it and it is already a blessing to be able to pick from the back side of the bush as well as the front!! My $7 plant that I have moved 3 times is finally paying for itself! 
The trumpet vine has also really sported the blooms! We even saw a lone hummer on it last week! 
I dont' know what little succulent this is. but it loves the horse trough it is living in! 
Because of the construction of the new garage, my compost pile got relocated! Jeremy built me a sturdy iron structure to replace my rotting, falling down pallets. .and we put it on the north side of the green house. The watermelon rinds are sure attracting the butterflies!! 
Chocolate flower. .new little plant I bought from High Country Gardens to go on this super hot west bed that nothing else will grow in. .He likes it there! 
I LOVE frogs!! 
I don't know how they find us in this desert land. .but there are about 100 that hear jumping into the pond every time I walk by! 
Speaking of the pond. .
I LOVE this!! Jeremy has really helped out with maintaining it. .
And the plants are finally looking good!
Here it is again, peeking up toward the house. You can't see the pond when you drive into our driveway. .and it often surprises people when they walk up the sidewalk to the house. 
Look at this gorgeous water lily!!
4th of July found Tristan and I digging holes for these salvaged rail ties. We put in solar lights to light up the sidewalks. Both up the front walk (see the pond up yonder) as well as outline the memory garden walks. LOVE THEM!! 
My favorite daylily. I need to see if I can find a plant label. .but I love the colors! 
My little asparagus plants are doing well. 
Pampas grass that will grow up tall so it will block the unsightly views of the dead car lot! 
Other thing Tristan, Jeremy and I did on the 4th was trench in a water line UNDER the existing sidewalk so I will no longer have hoses left over the sidewalks! It was an all-about-me day. .and I made over 14000 steps that day. .plus some SUPER sore arm and chest muscles from all those post holes and digging!! I'm not 20 anymore. .I'm not 20 anymore. .I wish I could remember that!! 

Here is the memory garden about 2 1/2 weeks ago. .It's filled in more since then! 
Shasta's, yellow coneflowers, and a salvia in the memory garden. 
You see how quickly those cucumber vines took over the place?? 
I finally had Black Eyed Susans that look like the kind that bloom in Michigan. .right Sue?? 
You can see how loaded those black berry bushes were! 
East deck with some gorgeous ferns!! Those self watering planters made 100% of the difference! 
North garden is finally filling in. It doesn't take a great photo yet. .but it is coming right along! 
Lavender and a different variety of susan.  
A couple photos of some of my daylilies. 
This one has a little Monarda in the front. 
This hosta gets dripped on by the condensation from the roof. .It loves that!  
Here is the blooms from my Russian garden. .They looked nice this summer!! It is one of my neglected beds. .and there are plenty of weeds to pull. .ug! 
Love this little penstemon!
It's planted next to this Videx tree. Cami spotted a hummer here last week. We haven't seen him since. .but it spent quite a while on this bush! 
Memory garden. .It's before the next light fixtures. 
We also enjoyed several handfuls of raspberries this summer too!! I can't WAIT till those babies produce again next summer. .they were delicious! 
Here are the cucumbers again. .looking toward the new garage. .and by the white picket way in the back and upper left is where the black berry bush is. .you can see the concrete wall there. 
Cynthia. .here is that monarda that you shared with me a few summers ago! I have transplanted some to two other places in my flower gardens. .I LOVE it!! 
Had to end with a spectacular Kansas sunset!! I LOVE our sunsets. .
Thanks for stopping by!!