Monday, October 11, 2010

Pond Unveiled

Well, nearly 3 weeks after the ground was broken--the pond is UP AND RUNNING!  It's not perfect yet, and undoubtedly will still take some thinking and changing to come in the next few months.  I'll take you on a little tour of how things look right now.  Above you'll see the little lily pads.  I went ahead and ordered a few plants to get started with.  The things that I read advised to get oxygenating plants in the bottom of the pond ASAP to start the ecological goodness.  They are not really considered "oxygenators," but I wanted some anyway--since I was ordering and all!  They were the priciest purchase. The submerged plants were only about $2 apiece. These lily pads will go to the deepest area of the pond in a few weeks when the temps drop.
Ta. .Da--here is the morning view right out of my front door.  You'll see what's left of my fall display on the right--the sparrows found it quickly and ravished it!!  The stream bed/waterfall is coming into the picture from the left.
This evening view shows the maturing shrub and flower bed to the south of the pond.  I think I can make this all look pretty seamless in a couple of years!  The skimmer/pump is directly across the picture--it is barely noticeable with the camoflauge from the rock
Here is a close up of the stream bed.  The water flows through it VERY quickly and makes beautiful music! I LOVE the way it bounces around the rocks and out into the pond.  You can see the sheet of water coming out of the falls, and then again a small one coming off the flagstone rock. The filter fall itself needs a little more camo work--I have been trying to think that out.  You might also notice the liatris on the left of the photo that Cami and I planted last week. The green spot of plant directly across the center of the photo behind the creek is an area that will be boggy conditions for water loving plants. There is also an area a little bit larger surrounded by limestone that will also be boggy. I transplanted a creeping jenny that I bought at half price in June, not realizing that they are water lovers.  Not sure how I managed to keep them both alive, but they are! And I'm sure that this one will be happier here.  The other one will remain where it is until spring and then will probably be transplanted as well.
A view looking toward the north
I love the reflections in the water.
Look who else showed up to investigate??  Do you see him.  The roadrunner made his appearance on Salsa day--not sure if he came to see the pond or taste the salsa.  But whatever the reason, we enjoyed watching him for a few minutes.  He was actually talking a bit (I've never heard their voices till now). The other resident birds have been sipping from the sides as well--I'm sure they are the first of many creatures to come!
We are also the owners of some free fish.  Our friend threw a bunch of goldfish into his farm tank after his daughter's wedding 2 1/2 years ago.  They eat whatever falls in from the cattle, and have multiplied rapidly.  They took a sane (a mesh contraption on two poles) and swiped it down through the water, catching about 19 smallish goldfish which we released into our pond.  There are about 3 that are around 6 inches long.  Several of them are changing colors and have some white spots on them.  We will feed them for a few weeks until the water is cold enough that they go into a winter "sleep."  So far we have all enjoyed watching the little guys check out their new home!  The first morning I looked out to see the whole school of them on the south side of the pond.  On the edge of the pond were about 10 sparrows lined up in a row and both species seemed to be really checking each other out.  I had to laugh out loud, it looked so comical. 
The pond has been daily pleasure for everyone around here!! We can't wait to see how it changes through the seasons.  It has been nice to listen to the water fall again.  I hope to video the pond soon with the water sounds so you can all enjoy it for a minute.  Have a great week!!


  1. Wow! It looks beautiful! I absolutely love it. I'm looking forward to hearing the sound of it when you post video. I bet it will make your yard even more critter-friendly. Better keep that camera handy! :)

  2. LOOKS GREAT!! I can't wait to come see and hear it! Will the roadrunner eat the fish?

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Melanie! It all looks so good. :) Neat about the roadrunner, and I had to laugh picturing the fish and birds "checking each other out." Yes, put a video on, I'd LOVE to "hear" the water! Have a great week!

  4. It looks great!!! I love the sound of water running over a mountain stream and I'm imagining that's what it sounds like with all those rocks. Cute fish to boot. How fun that the road runner came by already. He'll be a regular visior I'm sure. It's going to be so neat to see the plants grow and everything settle in. Congratulations on your new pond!

  5. The pond looks great. Amazing really. I adore ponds, but don't know if I could keep one up. Will be interested in how the wee free fish do this winter.~~Dee

  6. Looks great! I really like the reflections in the pond, too. Can't wait to see it in person.


  7. Oh, your pond looks WONDERFUL! And you're year's growth and everything will look like it's been there forever and all sprang up naturally. It's been fun to see it all come together!

  8. It all looks like it turned out great! You must be so pleased, and so relieved that the hard work is over and you can sit back and enjoy it. Love the goldfish.