Friday, March 13, 2015

Hocus CROCUS. .

Hocus Crocus. .
Get it??
I have been crackin up for two solid days!!
So much so. .
That I will probably never be able to look at a crocus again without saying that!
Our moods are much improved since spring seems to be settling in around here!! 
Friends, siblings, and haybales. . 
A great combination!
Papa's hay bale row. .
has been the source of entertainment this week. . 
For us. .
AND for the truckers that whiz by on the highway. .
Who happen to notice small children doing the universal arm jerking to elicit a BIG honk!! 
And this mom ALWAYS smiles. .
When those good ole truckers oblige!! 
The flowers are poking through. .
And even some crinkly rhubarb leaves were seen emerging through the warming ground!! 
We LOVE spring!!


  1. Love the crocus.
    It's so funny how round bales can be so much fun. Did that when we were kids too. Yea spring. Bring on the rain!!!

  2. It feels like winter again today, but I think spring is HERE!!! We've got taters in the ground, and I've got my cool crops planted!!! The wind was so bad last night it blew Danny's 200lbs smoker over. Crazy!!