Thursday, July 23, 2015


Just a note. .
to say how hard I laughed. .
To read the comment left by Deborah a few weeks ago on my last update post!
Before I read that. .
I had already purposed to add some photos and get everyone updated on this crazy families endeavors and activities!!
Graduation about sent this mom over the edge. .and it didn't slow down after that either!!
But when I finally had some time to consider this blog. .
Issues sprouted!
As I sat down to add some photos. .
My computer crashed. .not to be revived again!
I am bouncing from device to device for everything. .
And I am still without my computer to download photos onto!
But I promise. .soon. .
Very soon. .
I will add photos and updates!
For now though. .
We are all alive. .
and flourishing!!
Thanks for checking in on us!!


  1. I was just thinking about you the other day. Glad all is ok and busy as usual. Take care and have a fun summer

  2. YEY!!! Hurry back to blog land!! I'm missing ya!!

  3. Good to know you are well and having "technical difficulties." Busy for us too. I have tons of flower photos but few have hit the blog. Be well.

  4. I am your mother and I miss the blog a lot!