Friday, August 7, 2015

Ha!! NEWS!

OK. .
So my computer was crashed out for 2 weeks. .just as we got back from vacation. .
So though I WANTED to update ya'll. 
I COULDN'T get my pictures!
I'm heavy on the photos tonight. .
So bear with me. .
It's what happens when you try to update 6 months worth of life!!
This guy did it. .
He graduated. .
He is moving forward with his life. .
And excited about it!!
He leaves in ONE week. .
headed 3 hours plus. .
north of us. .
to Beloit Kansas.
The plan. .
Study carpentry for a year. .
and then move on to heating and air!
He had a great senior year. .
And was involved in multiple groups and activities.
He worked part time when he could. .and full time this summer. .
for the carpenter that he has worked with for the last 3 years.
I am excited that he will have so much foundation as he goes into school. .
and trust that base will make his education transition a little smoother!
I hope he uses this deep thinking look he has developed. .
as he studies next year!
But just sayin. .we never really appreciated it on his face very often!!

Our little red-headed "step-child". .
or the very lovely lady pictured above. .that our family would love to adopt out of her own family if we could. .
Is headed to Sterling college to finish up her music education degree!!
And I will miss that "daughter" to sit up and talk with. .
And Cami and Devin especially. .
will miss their "sister" too!
Grant. .
will be a senior. .
Ugh. .Two down in two years!
How will a mom survive??
I am coercing him daily to go out for cross country running this year. .
And much as he loves to needle me. .
I can't tell if I am making progress or not. .
SEE. .He has the build of a runner. .not a golfer!!
He has spent the summer working for his dad in the mechanic shop. .
And acts more like the man every single day!!
The boys went with me to Key West Florida in May. .
I had some schooling I wanted to do. .
And it was our gift to Tristan for graduation. .
Their first airplane ride was priceless. .
And they did and saw a lot of things that we can't do in Kansas, Toto!!
This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip. .
Mostly because I didn't see the lady in the background until after we got home. .
It makes me laugh every time. 
This gentleman. .
Is one of only about 40 some professional sword swallowers in the world. .
I wonder why!!
We took a guided kayaking tour. .
at dusk. .
and eerily, after dark we kayaked back using headlamps and tail lights!
It was definitely my favorite activity of our trip. .
And we watched all sorts of different bird species fly into that grove of trees in the distance of the picture. .
The bird song coming from within the grove. .
was amazing!! I can only imagine how many birds were in there!!
We also took a catamaran out to see the dolphins play. .
which was fun. .
And did some snorkeling at a coral reef near there.
The boys LOVED the snorkeling, me. .not so much. .
but THAT is a long story for another day!!
We also ate some GREAT food. .
trying different types of fish, ceviche (a raw fish salsa), Cuban food, including fried plantains, and Yucca fries.
It was a great trip and a fun experience!!
Devin will be in 7th grade this year. .
And is looking forward to trying football. .
This summer he decided to switch from drums to the saxophone. .
so we borrowed one from the school and he has taken lessons all summer. .
The instructor thinks he is picking it right up. .
His practice with her must go better than the practice that this mom hears!!
He played baseball this summer and enjoyed it greatly!!
And spent a lot of time working for his dad in the shop, mowing for his great grandad, and swimming at the local pool!
He enjoyed 4-H camp this summer. .
and only mildly resented his brothers getting to go with mom for vacation while he stayed home!!
And Cami. .
is heading to 2nd grade!
Got to attend her first year of 4-H camp. .
Loved every minute of it. .
except the dark minutes. .
and ended up sleeping on the extra cot in the nurses station with her mom!
Hmm. .maybe next year!
She has learned to dive headfirst into the water, most of the time. .
vs jumping into the water with her feet first. .and her hands in the position that gives the illusion that she was going to be doing a dive!!
She also learned to water ski. .
And LOVES it!!
She thinks she is big. .
And since she has learned how to make a smoothie ALL. BY. HERSELF. this summer. .
We are thinking of graduating her early!!
And these two old people. .
Celebrated 21 years of doing life together. .
And are preparing to drop kick the first baby bird out of the nest.
Jeremy wonders why I cry about it all the time. .
cause as far as HE is concerned. .
this is the BEST time of our life!!
They are leaving!!
And the phrase "And then there were TWO" is resonating through both of our heads!

We are ready for our weekly lunch date to resume next week after school starts. .
Crazy busy. .and just plain crazy. .
Its the name of our game!!

I actually did upload some of our vacation photos to my blog. .
So one of these crazy days. .
I will pull those out for you. .
Hopefully well before Christmas!!

I LOVE the sweet comments you all leave. .
and the ones that check in with me via email or via comment when it has been too long!!
I have not even pulled up anyone else's blog. .
and for THAT. .I apologize!!

Thanks for checking in. .
Have a blessed weekend!!


  1. Ah. sweet Melanie.....I've said it a million times--you are certainly blessed with a wonderful family. You've done the greatest job of raising those kids and you should be proud as they make their way out into the world. I wouldn't worry about missing them --you've got a tight knit family and I'm sure they'll be checking in all the time.
    Happy summer!

  2. I can't believe how fast your kids are growing! But ditto what Sue said above. And although I remember crying all the time when our kids were leaving home, I must say that "then there were two" is a wonderful time of life...and just wait until the next stage: and then there were 14! (The Raneys will be 16 soon! Adding 2 new grandbabies this winter!) Glad you're back! I've missed catching up with you!

  3. I'm having to swallow that my soon-to-be 5 year old is heading to preschool....which breaks my heart......BUT, I do find myself wondering what our lives will be like when our boys are grown! :)

  4. Enjoyed your update and pictures - best wishes to everyone for the year ahead!

  5. Hey, you're back online! Great update. My gosh everyone is looking good and doing good things. I peek in on your blog to see if you're posting often, but we've had our own crazy summer so I'm in and out. Not so much change at our place. Actually, looking at a busier fall than average with some trips of our own. Looking forward to those vacation pics. Kayaking in the dark sounds cool.

  6. And then there was 5... Hope Tristan is settling in at Beloit and having a good time in the process! You have a few to release before there are 2. Enjoy this time!