Saturday, October 25, 2014

AppleJack Pumpkin Patch

Destination Pumpkin Patch. .
Was the order of the day one chilly autumn morn. .
Twelve cousins (out of 14). .
4 mamas. .
and one grandma. .
Met at a pumpkin patch. .
Where about FOUR HUNDRED other people. .
were enjoying their Saturday as well!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day. .
And it had been several years since any of my kids have enjoyed a place like this!!
I was amazed at all the activities available for the kids. .
The H-U-G-E slide was a big hit. .
But then. .
so was this ginormous tarp that had airflow under it to cause a trampoline effect. .
Even Devin loved it. .
Although, maybe a little bit more when these three cousins arrived!!
In fact, when the older boys arrived. .
We didn't see them for a LONG time as they tromped through the corn maize playing hide and seek!!
They climbed the hay mountain. .
Rode the zip line. .
Giggled their way through this one. .
We laughed and laughed. .
Even the little ones could make it work!
There were duck races. .
And of COURSE. .
The pumpkin patch!!
It was a lot of work to choose JUST the right one. .
But they each did. .
After riding the hayrack back to the area where the activities were. .
They started ALL over again!!
Who knew. .
That one lil punkin patch. .
could provide HOURS of entertainment. .
And MILES of ground covered by little feet!!
And the bigger feet. .
That had to follow them everywhere!!
We are eager for that ONE night of the year. .
where eating candy AS dinner. .
Is a totally acceptable concept!!
Next up. .
The annual Halloween bash!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of good fun! It's amazing the activities pumpkin patch people think up now.