Sunday, May 17, 2009

Only One More Shop Class to Go!

Well, we have worked hard on the chairs this weekend. I think the boys are finally excited because they now LOOK like chairs. J has worked with the boys on their woodworking projects the last two years--and complains mightily about it too. I finally GET IT!! This time, I wanted to learn some stuff too, so I have had to be out there for each session. EEEK--We are all learning a lot about patience. Unfortunately, some of the conversation one might hear on the outside of the shop is not always that pleasant. It is a good project for us!

Here's what we have done so far

We have one week to go. We will rip some 1 X 6 boards and use them for the seat. Then need to sand and paint. Hope to let the boys pick out some paint colors on the way to the folk's next weekend. That should be a patience building experience too--especially since the chairs will be MY decoration--and I need them to look kind of matched and normal. I was thinking maybe some pastel kind of sunrise colors--we'll see who wins and what we come up with! Next plan is to find some small side tables that we can make to go in between our sets of two chairs--you know--to hold the pina coladas!!

Also found some of my roses blooming this afternoon--I wish I had kept track of the name of this rose! I love it so much. It has just a tinge of pink at the tips. No fragrance at all though--it's only downfall! Makes a fabulous show in a bud vase!

Below are the double knock out roses in front of my rock wall. They are in their 2nd season here, and I think looking good so far. I have some single knock out roses in the back that I received when my grandparents died so closely together a couple years ago. They are all pretty, but I love the double rosettes in this variety.

J got the apple trees and grape vines mulched in this evening. The deer have been enjoying the leaves off the new trees--which has made me sick! Seems that the trees are recovering well, except for my favorite--the Honey Crisp--I hope it will be ok. It seems to be re-leafing, though slowly. A couple grape vines are questionable--but there are 4 that look really good too. So tomorrow it is back to the daily grind. Hope everyone has a fabulous week! We're already looking forward to the trip back to see the family next weekend (after the infamous "play day" at school).

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  1. Your roses are beautiful! And the chairs are looking good - worth the lesson in patience I think!