Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Grant's checking out his "wingspan"

Well, we braved the threat of soggy weather yesterday and took the kids to the zoo in Wichita. I believe it may have been the best climate that we have ever experienced there! There was very little wind, about 60 degrees, and overcast. The animals were fun to watch. C enjoyed the whole experience! She rode in her stroller and really took everything in! The kids fed the fish and ducks, as well as the peacock that would come up and eat out of your hand!

My sister and her crew came down and met us, my mom drove up and J's mom rode up with us too. Granny Jill hadn't been to the zoo for years and years, so lots of things were new to her.

Grandma Vickie was enjoying Cami's facial expressions!

My bunch decided that the rainforest was their favorite spot of the day (mine too, always has been!)

Granny and D are checking out the display

Kristi and Kadon

Kadon's eathing ANIMAL crackers at the ZOO (should that be against the rules???)

What a cute family--the male came out as
we got clear to the back side of the exhibit

Usually when we go to the zoo the animals are all laying on their sides panting for air! It was a nice change, and we only got sprinkled on once, for less than 5 minutes.
We ate supper at Two Brother's BBQ (none of us had ever eaten there before). It was really good, and the apple cobbler with fresh whipped cream was to DIE for!! As our luck had it, there was a Krispy Kreme right next door, so we hopped parking lots after supper and G and D picked out some doughnuts to take home for breakfast (a real treat!)

J enjoyed a quiet day at home working on his model A and was pleased with his progress. The rest of us were pleased that he stayed home, cause, while we love him. . . Granny was a lot more tolerant of poking along slowly at the zoo! J can only look for so long--before he is inclined to move on, and that is only about long enough to snap your fingers twice!

Today we went to our 2nd bow shoot. It was my first time to shoot the bow at any type of animal-like target. Last week we sighted it in on J's box target, which was the 2nd time I had even picked it up. So today was an experience. They have about 11-12 different life sized targets ranging from deer and a bear, to a fox and a turkey with all shapes and sizes in between. Then they are strategically placed around their grove of trees and cool babbling creek. You walk from target to target and shoot them. I informed the girls that it was highly possible that I would still pick up the bow upside down or backwards trying to remember how it all worked. But Robin Hood, look out!! I had a blast!! I was close to hitting the first several targets, but when I got it figured out, I hit most of them. Only one bruise on my arm today, so I am getting the hang of it. The first round we shot in two groups--divided up girls and guys. The second round there were only 5 of us shooting so we all shot together. The look on J's face was priceless when I hit the first target. He was pretty sure that it would not go smoothly for me (so was I, but I was game to try anyway) The host couldn't believe that this was only the 3rd time I had ever shot. I thought that was a good sign-hope next time goes as well. Anyway, I think that I am hooked. Who would have ever guessed?? Maybe someday I'll post from Alaska with the bear I shoot! (just kidding, really!!)

Tristan and I smiling for Grandma Vickie

Well, looks like the weather may warm up a little this week, we hope so. Hope to get my garden planted on Thursday--the farmer's almanac says that is a good day. Our lettuce is coming up and even have some red lettuce sprouted. The dill and cilantro are up too. We need to till the garden again and get our goods set out! Have a great week!


  1. I knew I should have stopped for some Krispy Kremes. We had a lot of fun!

  2. OOOH they were SO good. Granny bought some also and asked if they freeze well. I told her I thought so, but we never have them around long enough to freeze! We finished off both dozen in 2 breakfasts. . . and a few snacks.