Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kodak Moment

Old fashioned purple iris--they smell yummy!

Dana, you would have been so disappointed in me today!! I missed the kodak moment of A LIFETIME!! I decided to sneak outside this afternoon for a bit while C slept to check on my yard. I had my camera in my hand and then decided to leave it in and return to get it if only if I saw something new blooming. That will never happen again. I had noticed some blooms from my kitchen window this morning out in my tree row. They were not the iris that I had put out there, so I went to check it out. As I approached, I heard the noise of grass swishing--not like a rabbit, but the noise that a snake makes, it was making a quick get-away. I stopped and not being able to see it anywhere, I proceeded on. I discovered the flowers below, purple phlox.

I was admiring their daintiness when I saw it--and you all will just have to use your imagination!! I won't ever forget it! Notice the small piece of cedar tree in the right upper corner. Perched on that branch with his head right above those blooms was a 5 foot long bullsnake draped across the branch. I liked to peed my pants!! I stood looking at him for a while (mostly trying to decide whether or not I should scream because he was a rattlesnake--which I read tonight don't get that long!). As I moved slowly around to look at his tail he started to drop off the branch for the ground. That was enough for me! What a fabulous picture that would have been. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

I actually killed a 18 inch long snake tonight near my garden. T noticed him. He looked like a rattlesnake to me, without any rattles yet, but granny confirmed that he was a bullsnake too. She killed one last week in her garden that was the same length and already had one rattle. So now I am back to being paranoid about C running thru the yard by herself--heck I'm even paranoid about myself running thru the yard! YUCK!! The joys of gardening in western Kansas!

Little C was sniffing the white iris. This is a reblooming type--I have found it in 3 different spots in my yard. The iris are all blooming again this year after I moved them around 2 years ago when we put in the waterfall. So am finding out where they all went to.

G made the coolest mother's day card at school on really nice paper with beautiful graphics. I was impressed with the thought and detail he put into making it. There are lots of flowers, the heart picture has a stethescope around it with a heart rythym on it, also a high jump pit and a basketball, and chocolates. I will have to get it framed!! The yellow gallardia picture to the upper right corner has a bee on it! Details, details!!

Well poor D missed his first real school field trip today. T complained of a stomach ache last night and stayed home from 4-H. D mentioned one too before he went to bed. This morning he had a tummy ache and diarrhea. So we kept him home. He was pretty disappointed the first 30 minutes, but then he was fine.

G had a blast at his. He thought the salt mine was so cool and thinks we definitely need to go back. He brought home a big chunk of salt that they gave to the kids. Pretty neat.
Was nice to have warmer weather today--now if we could find the sun and a little less wind--it would be perfect!


  1. Oooh, not envying you the snakes at all. Joseph is headed out to his field trip tomorrow and he's psyched!

  2. First of all, I love love LOVE that picture of C with her nose in that flower!! What a girl!! Second, you tried to LOOK AT THE SNAKES TAIL??? I would have run away screaming as fast as I could all while peeing my pants!! Third..that's an awesome card G made! T made me some bath salts at school this year. He handed them to me and said: "Here, these are for you--they stink." =-)

  3. OH, I just hate those missed-shot moments! At least you got a little girl photo to make up for it. (so cute) Now I take my camera with me even when I'm gardening at mom and dad's, cause I hate missing cool shots. Borders on obsession maybe, but I say, let 'em all think I'm nuts, I'm wanna get those shots!