Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

WHEW. What a whirlwind week we have had here! School is winding down and there are a lot of activities to get through. This week was especially busy for me. I spent some part of every day in the schools. Monday I enjoyed teaching the freshmen girls about STD's and some of the possible repurcussions of having sex before it should be time. I am fortunate to be able to show some graphic pictures to them (you know, pictures are worth 1000 words!!) And I think they should have those images in their little heads so that they may remember that when the time comes to make a decision. I actually had a girl pass out this year. OH MY!! I was glad to hear them say on Friday (when I did their sports physicals for next year) that I had scared them to death and hopefully it made them think a little too.

Tuesday I put on my "mother" hat and spent all day reading to the classes as they came and got new books for Reading Is Fun AKA RIF. That was a lot of fun. When I was deciding what vocation I wanted to study in college, my choices were narrowed down to nursing and elementary education. I love little kids. . . but I did not go wrong in my choice! I would have been a poor and very unpatient teacher in a classroom all day! Now I get to "teach" for brief moments and then send them home. All in a day's work!!

Wednesday found me working as a track coach?!? I have spent many years wishing I could high jump over that bar just ONE more time. T was having some trouble getting his jumping down so I went down after work to help him out. So much fun!! A friend whose son was at practice that day told me that those jr high kids couldn't believe that I could jump and make it. . . Obviously, I am just an old married woman with many children--HAHA--who's laughin' now.

Thursday and Friday found me and my colleagues at the middle and high schools doing physicals. G survived his first sports physical without a scratch!

T jumped at the league track meet Thursday and felt good about it--so the extra work was worth it! He is now finished with track, and that will be nice. He also got all of his reading work completed this school year and got to go on a "mystery trip" that meant that no one had any idea where they were going--they just crawled on the bus, hoping for the best. They ended up going to Wichita and hung out at the mall, ate their lunch there and then went ice skating. T loved it and thought we should go back and do it again some day. Unfortunately, I got to see one of the kids in the ER that night who twisted his ankle and chunked off a small piece of bone when the tendon pulled! Junior high had a dance Saturday night. T and his friend were pretty wound up when they got home and we enjoyed hearing them tell their stories!

G has been helping me out in the garden. We got the rest of it planted earlier last week--tomatoes, sweet peppers, jalepeno peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, and sweet corn (D actually helped me plant everything, but G has taken over from there). He has started watering stuff, and we hope to be able to mulch it all down soon. He helped me finish planting a few things in the flower beds this afternoon in the chill. We made a "mother's day garden" on the north side of the house. C had given me a petunia for mother's day, our church always gives ladies annual flowers on mothers day, and my own mom brought me a beautiful geranium. We decided to put them all in the same location (and included a six pack of petunias that I started from seed myself) to brighten up the bed. He was a lot of help and it looks great! Can't wait to get my new adiarondack chairs out there and lounge! G has his class trip this week. They will go to the cosmosphere and the underground salt museum. I haven't been there yet myself!

D is looking forward to his class field trip on Tuesday. They are going to eat lunch at the park, go to the little zoo, and go bowling. He is mostly excited for lunch!

C is loving the outdoors and it is a fight to get her inside!! She was glad to get to sit on her Papa Don's lap in church this morning!

My folks came for an overnight visit this weekend. They don't get to do that very often, so we always enjoy it! Unfortunately, it was so rainy today that mom and I didn't get to go out and tour through the gardens, but we watched thru the windows. Mom saw a red headed woodpecker this morning, and we have been loving the music of the wrens. I have seen several Baltimore orioles lately and I think I saw a magpie this afternoon on my way in the driveway from work. It was big and plainly black and white--they do get to this part of the world--according to my books. I also saw one once last summer. Hope I cross it's path again. It was especially fun to have my mom around for mothers day and we enjoyed visiting!

Will have post pictures later this week on the special party we went to on Saturday afternoon! We are hoping for a less busy week. 4-H Monday night and that's about it. We are wishing for less 50 and 60 degree weather and more 70's--so it feels like spring! I guess the cool weather has been good for the vegetation! Enjoy the week!

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  1. My, you all get around! I still haven't been to the salt museum either. It's on the wish list. So glad you got to have your mom out for mother's day, what a nice treat! (BTW, I only know kinda where you live - where exactly are you?) Oh, and great job scaring the kids to death about sex! I'm proud of you! LOL