Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family and New Friends

The boys sure enjoyed playing with the newest cousin, Miss Dylan, born in December. She is such a sweet and smiley little thing. C loved playing with Haley, Taryn and Kadon.

Saturday afternoon we met up with my friend from high school and two of her four children. We went down to some land my dad farms and looked for Indian artifacts. It was warm and very still--so it doesn't take too long before everyone gets tired of looking.

We all found lots of chips and pieces. J found an arrowhead with just the tip missing--close enough for him. He has always wanted to find an arrowhead, so his day was complete. Dana and her crew had a good time as well. The boys found lots of "stuff" and she found a hide scraper.

As for us, well, we hadn't seen each other for 18 years since high school. We enjoyed visiting and trying to get caught up! It was a great time!

Saturday evening we went over to my uncle's house to celebrate my cousin's graduation from college. They had a "cream can" supper. I'm sure it must have been a German thing! They used a cream can (shown above) and poured a little water in the bottom of it. Then they put veggies in(he used potatoes, corn on the cob, cabbage, carrots, and onions). Top it off with sausage, put the lid on and cook over a propane burner for 2-3 hours. YUM! It was delicious!
They dumped it out into a big long pan and "bone appetite"

Then home to put babies to sleep and more visiting. We had a great laid back weekend with good food, coffee on the veranda in the mornings, and lots of conversations. We are all looking forward to the big family vacation in July to a resort place near Branson. We all stayed in a huge house 3 or 4 years ago and no one killed anyone then, so we decided to try it again. However, we have added 5 children since the first trip, so we are staying in 3 condos right next to each other this time! Should be fun!

Here's the crew Sunday afternoon before we left. Taryn didn't want to be in the picture, so she brought her mother along. Sorry bosslady--your kids were making odd faces in all the pictures I had!! HAHA. We are always able to corral them only so long before someone starts crying or moving or making funny faces or looking the wrong way--sometimes some of them show up crying and we can't get them to stop--I would say this is one of our better pictures! You can only imagine right!!

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  1. Yeah my kids are goofy, I don't know who they get that from. Looking at some of the pictures on my desk, that is about par for their smiling ability.