Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Day of School

Well, we have lots of stuff to tell about! And plenty of pictures from the weekend that I would like to share with everyone. So will probably spend the week blogging about our fun Memorial Day weekend. It was certainly a great break for all of us--and we did lot of cool things.
Friday was the last day of school around these parts. So I guess, technically, today is the first REAL day of summer vacation. The weather was beautiful for play day, which is a day full of games and competitions--complete with a picnic lunch in the shade. The boys had a great time. T got to help manage an event as part of the middle school crew. This was D's first year and G's last year. Oh, so many more play days to come for their parents!! Guess it is a good thing we like to go.

D's pouring it on in the 50 yard dash

G in the football throw

Even C enjoyed playday, we ran into her very good friend Miley. (who up until the last month or so, really didn't like C--she thought she was too "huggy, kissy!") Now they get along great, and Miley even shares C's hugs for a short moment!
We headed for mom and dad's after play day was over. C and D napped which is always nice (a little quiet). We got to eat supper at IHOP, which is always a treat for us. Then enjoyed the visiting with most of the family. We had a very busy day on Saturday and I have several more pictures of our different activities so I will post those later today or tomorrow. Today we have some cooking meetings with the 4-H cookers. I think I have about 10 (5th grade and younger) coming this morning (we are making some awesome, moist banana bread and my favorite no bake Special K cookies). Then if I survive the morning session, we only have 2 that can make the afternoon class (it sure is hard to get kids together if they are older than 6th graders!!) We are making our own pie crusts and then a cream filling to go in them--YUM!! Be sure to check back often this week--there are some photos that you WON'T want to miss!! And I finished a new hand pump water feature yesterday that I can't wait to share!! Have a great day!

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