Monday, June 1, 2009

Day Camp Fiesta

Hola!! One of the things I have tried to be involved with the past few years is our 4-H day camp. We host kids from 3-4 counties and put on a day full of activities for the kids to enjoy. We had about 80 kids today. This year our theme was a Mexican fiesta. We were again blessed with fantastic weather--as most of our activities are usually outside. Our preacher's wife gave a little presentation and a puppet show (she frequently to Mexico on mission trips during spring break).

Then they broke up into four groups; the gauchos, sombreros, chilis, and the maracas. They spent about 25 minutes at each of 4 stations. I spent my morning show, tell, and tasting some interesting Mexican cuisine. I got tickled over this picture because it shows the kids waiting to see if he will like the food or not. We got to try jicama (pronounced HI' cam' a) which is a big ugly root vegetable likened to our potato with the sweetness of an apple. We tried them plain and then some of the more adventurous kids dipped a piece in lime juice and then in some powerfully sour salt with lemon spice. Some of the facial expressions were pretty priceless. We also learned about plantains, avocados, mangos, tomatos, and queso (Mexican crumbling cheese). Most of the kids were very brave, though many spit things out in my trash can, and one poor soul actually vomited in his lap. I was afraid that the two counselors were going to do the same and thankfully I had an extra mom to help him out, or we would have been in trouble--there were about 20 kids in a group.

The kids learned how to make tortillas with our extension agents. T helped as a junior counselor with this group. You can see him frying up someone's tortilla. She already had the dough made and then they pinched it off and the kids had fun rolling out their tortilla and eating it !

They practiced archery with a couple more extension agents. They had targets and each kid got to shoot so many times--that is always a big hit for the kids! Of course, it was one of D's favorites! They also did a craft station and made some yarn "eye of God" hangings and also made their own sidewalk chalk. Even G thought those were fun.

After feasting on tacos for lunch they played games in the afternoon. They had pinatas that they got to swing at. When that candy exploded out of there, look out!! They played Hot Chili (which was like hot potato) and a game called musical carpets to some fiesta music.

A couple of the counselors also taught them the macarena dance. I overheard one kid ask if they were learning the margarita?!? I did ask him not to go home and tell his mother that we taught him the margarita--it was the MACARENA. Very amusing to watch!
Little C got to go to Becky's today, but we picked her up early and went to the pool when we finished up with day camp. She wasn't really all that impressed by it. She would dip her toes, that's it. Maybe next time. I bought her swim suit at a garage sale, but I'm not sure we will use it again--tho it is cute, the strap has to be PULLED over her head and it doesn't have much stretch to it, so we ended up with pulled hair instead. But she sure was cute! We're sure hoping for a little rain tonight and tomorrow and some cooler temperatures. . . am I being picky!!? Have a great week!


  1. That pic of Grant and MY T is pretty funny! I can't believe you had actually throw up!!
    C's suit is adorable! I was going to ask you...did she draw on her legs?? =-)

  2. UMM, No, she did not draw on her own legs. They (meaning ALL four of the kids) were having a tatoo party yesterday (I only knew they were using the bathtub washable crayon things--evidently, someone snuck an ink pen into the mixture). All good CLEAN fun, eh?

  3. What a cute swimsuit! Sounds like an awesome day. Except for the vomiting, that is. :)