Monday, June 29, 2009

Should have bought a lotto ticket!

What a fun weekend we had! Yesterday we painted our Adirondack chairs. We still have some finishing touches, but I am thrilled with them. Pictures to come next weekend. After supper we decided to go to Grandpa and Grandma's pond to do a little fishing. Hence the lotto ticket title. We don't catch fish. . . EVER. We go, we fish, we cry, and get mad, and go home with NOTHING. We may catch fish, but only if we are fishing with our friends Tray or Lane. . . and then we usually still don't catch fish, but they share. . . because they have to!

But the evening was still and nice, so we loaded up some cookies and went. C and I were taking our time about unloading from the pickup, and I couldn't believe my ears when D started shouting about catching something. (within the first 5 minutes. . . no kidding!) So they reeled him and I thought "MMMM, supper tomorrow, no cooking for me!" J couldn't find a tie-ing up cord (ya know the thing that keeps them in the water without getting away till you're ready to slice 'em). It's not like we ever have a NEED for that. So he finds some big nylon cord with hooks on the ends of it out of his pickup. What a McGyver!

They kept casting poles and reeling in fish. Pretty soon J decided to start filleting them out (we were hopeful and brought a ziplock with ice for the kill) They had 8 fish on the "stringer" HAHA--no cooking for a week!! Fried fish, baked fish, grilled fish, fish salad.. . Oh yeah, where was I?

By the time we were ready to leave, J had cleaned 10 big fish, and they had thrown 15-20 back in the water, for future fisher's of America. WOW! We shoulda bought a lotto ticket!!

C thought they were interesting. She touched them and looked down it's throat as she said "OOOO" Maybe she'll be a dentist! The boys had a FANTASTIC time--it's fun to fish when you are catching. We lost a few pieces of bait to the fish. The frogs were out, and saw a water snake. I had been contemplating a little swim in there until he showed up! The pond is so beautiful, nestled down in a canyon, with trees, red dirt and hills. Peaceful. Blessed. I enjoyed watching the kids have fun and the special worship service going on in my heart! Now that's what summer is all about!


  1. What a wonderful time! I'm so glad your boys finally got to experience a catch. They will never forget it! Enjoy your fish menu for the week. :) Great pictures!

  2. The Bruckner house is very jealous! ;-) We are itching to go fishing, but it will have to wait a few more weekends!!