Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Not Dead

I haven't visited my blog for a week now, so this morning in between patients I have enjoyed catching up on the ones that I follow. One of the fun things about my family planning clinics is that there is a computer on my desk, and there is a few minutes downtime between each patient. I have no other responsibilities here that I have to tend to, so I enjoy reading my multiple journals and catching up on my favorite bloggers.

We have been out of control, crazy-busy for a week now as people have been out of my office and responsibilities increased. C has had the stomach flu and then a horrible cough and now an ear infection, in the course of 5 days. She seemed better this morning!

The older boys started on their summer fence building job this last week. I often wonder what they find to talk about all morning, just the two of them. I'm sure it is interesting.

D is still wiggling that other front tooth, no luck yet. Last evening I took D and C up to the clinic to check in her ears before we went home. He has had a wart to the top of his foot for quite a while and we have talked several times about freezing it off. So I bribed him. With an Icee, it wasn't all that hard! He was nervous when I came in with the liquid nitrogen which steams from the top of the container. The wart freezing wasn't as bad as he had anticipated. However he asked several times if we would have to freeze it again, to which I would reply "yes, if it doesn't all go away." When I finish a procedure like that I usually toss the remaining liquid on the floor, cause it is quite cool to watch. It sounds exactly like you would hear if you tossed water on the floor out of a cup. Then it pops and steam rises in the air from everywhere it hit. D watched that and his eyes got HUGE! And he says "If we have to freeze this thing again, can I pour the stuff on the floor??" Guess I won't have any problem getting him back to repeat if we need to!!

The guys are coming today to work on the sidewalk, and they will pour it tomorrow. I can't wait! Wheat harvest is just around the corner here, and it looks beautiful! We have 3 wheat trucks in the yard for J to fix--hope he gets that done soon--they block a lot of view and take up a lot of space!!

Tomorrow the boys and I will take off for our weekend geology trip with 4-H. We have some friends that will be going as well, and we always have a ball!! We are headed to Spearville and then will travel hundreds of miles through western Kansas Saturday and Sunday, looking for all different kinds of rocks. J is staying home with C. We will camp out and picnic all weekend. When we get home Sunday night, we will regroup, repack and T, G, and I will head with a suburban load of other 4-Her's for Scott City where we will be at camp from Mon until Wed afternoon. The boys were pretty mortified since their mother will be there the whole time working as a camp nurse. They are seriously hoping that someone gets hurt while they are at the dance. I told them that I wouldn't even be AT the dance. . . for long anyway! I'm sure looking forward to a change of scenery--the last 2 weeks have been too hectic for even me!

So, just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive and well. I hope to post some pictures of all our activities next week when we get home! Be healthy and safe!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about your travels through the state! About that fence project, are you saying your boys can actually work together on a project and not just fight and bicker, because mine couldn't even play a game of soccer together this morning in peace! What's the secret?