Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

What a fun weekend we have had just messing! J went racing Friday night and got rained out Saturday, so he ended up home unexpectedly. It rained and rained Friday night and Saturday morning. I suppose we had somewhere around 1 1/2 inches, but some little girl had filled my rain gauge up while watering my tree and so I was sure that we had almost 3 1/2 inches. It seems that no one else got quite that much!! I certainly enjoyed drinking my coffee in my PJ's until mid morning. Don't remember the last time that happened. We had a lot of plans for yesterday afternoon. . . UNTIL the electricity went off, and stayed off for about 4 hours. We finally loaded everyone up after C woke and went for a drive. We ended up at the inlaws and visited them for a bit. While we were there, we decided that cooking sounded like a hassle, so we all went to the supper club to eat. Then Granny and I took the boys to the movie--it was UP (that is the name of it!) It was pretty cute. It was produced by the Pixar people, and I love their movies. I thought it was pretty sad for a kids movie, and the beginning was VERY sad, but it got better.

Today was a little more eventful. We went to church this morning then grilled some lunch. When we got C down for a nap we had a little bake-a-thon. G made some buttermilk cinnamon bread--our thought is for him to take that to the fair. He was impressed with it, I think it will be a go. T made a buttermilk cocoa cake. That may go to the fair too, we'll see. I had found a couple interesting cookie recipes yesterday (while the electricity was out) that we may try too.

We finally put the seat on our chairs today! YEAH. The chairs were divided out into 4 parts, and we started the first of April (I think). We have just worked on them when we had time and that has been much better than stressing everyone out trying to get something made at the last minute!! I hope to have the boys prime the chairs the first of the week so we can paint them at the end of the week. I can hardly wait for them to be done. The colors we picked out were shades of citrus. Everyone was pleased with their selected color, and I was pleased at the ambiance of the shades working together. We chose muted yellow, orange, red and a lime color. They are not bright neon shades, but very subtle--You'll see!

After all the sweating that went on in the shop (it was 98 here today), we had lemonade and chocolate cake! Then we got J's new father's day present out. They actually opened it when it came 2 weeks ago. That's what happens when you leave them all together by themselves. We got him a couple new archery targets. We brought them up to the yard in the shade and tried them out. The boys all enjoyed shooting my bow, and G used a crossbow too, which I think is much harder. C enjoyed splashing in the water behind us. When the boys finished, J and I had a match. I actually hit the edge of the center bullseye. . . TWICE!! Robin Hood here I come!! (have I said that before??) I didn't even whack a bruise on my arm today!! I am delighted to find that I actually think this is fun!! There is hope for us! When all the kids are gone, we can build landscapes and shoot archery. . . sounds like a winner, huh?

This evening has been beautiful, the wind has stopped and the breeze is cooler. I worked on poisoning some of that blasted bermuda grass! The holly hocks are in bloom and are so pretty. Most of my new daisies have bloomed now--they are pretty cool. The flowers are just so-so, but sometimes the first ones to bloom are. The second blooms have been nicer. G thinks they are pretty strange, with the wild curly petals. The cosmos are just starting to bloom too. I keep intending to snap a picture of the Russian garden. It is incredible--you will not believe it is the same newly planted garden!! Everything is blooming in it and the plants are so BIG! It will be amazing in a couple years as it matures! J had to work over my washing machine planter yesterday. It drained fairly well before the torrential rains came the last couple weeks. However, the coleus were sitting in 3 inches of water that wouldn't drain out yesterday, and had been sitting in water for several days before that. It works now, thankfully and hopefully the coleus will recuperate too!

We look forward to a slower week. Swim lessons start tomorrow. We will be collecting food for the health department Tues night. Hope to get our family picture taken this week sometime, and some new ones of C--the last time she had pics was October. Just couldn't resist this picture of her this morning tho--doesn't she look so big today?? She is talking and talking. Can say lots of stuff. Hope everyone has a blessed week! Stay out of the heat!

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  1. Oh..what is HAPPENING to little C?? She's grown up oh so suddenly?? It's amazing.
    Some of my buckets need better drainage. Learned that lesson this week after all the rain!! Can't wait to see pictures of your Russian garden!!!