Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Arrived

D has the tendency to be a little. . . well, melodramatic. Always has been. I remember the first time I truly realized this was the day I heard him screaming like he had lost an arm to a crocodile. The child had a bloody nose! His eyes were the size of silver dollars as he hit the front door, with G in close pursuit. He hadn't fallen off the trampoline, he hadn't even been hit by a brother, he simply had a bloody nose! I took him to the bathroom, excused G (who was sure that his brains were going to start oozing out from his nose at any time!) and shut the door (to keep everyone else from freaking out!) The only way I could get his attention (without slapping him--which I truthfully thought about doing) was to get right in his face and explain to him that he was NOT going to bleed to death. OH, OK.

Anyway. He has been battling two loose teeth for several weeks. The first I knew about it was when he showed up crying, crying, crying. When I asked him what the problem was, he replied--sobbing "I just bit my tooth. . . and it bit me back" (imagine the sentence sobbed with an escalating high pitched voice and you may have been right in the room with me!) Low and behold, the tooth was loose.

A couple weeks ago D cried and cried at supper because his tooth hurt SO bad that he couldn't even eat his peas! I finally begged J to just look at it while I held D down so he could pull the sucker out, so we could all be done with the saga! He couldn't get his big ole man hands in there to get ahold of that teeny weeny piece of calcium deposit. And we couldn't get D to go for the pliers (which I KNOW would have worked!) So we left it. I know, at this point you are all thinking, why couldn't his mother yank that thing out??? Well--there's two things that I don't like. 1. Yucky bloody gory injuries. 2. Teeth. Teeth absolutely gross me out and send cold chills right down my spine! So that was not even an option.

The next night on my way home from the family planning clinic, my cell phone rang. It was J wanting to know where I was, as they were ready to launch the new boat out at the lake. He says "Here, D wants to tell ya something." So on comes D and he reported that he had lost his tooth, fell right out when he bit off his hamburger. Everyone confirmed that D did not cry, because it did not hurt! HMMM, who had told him it wouldn't hurt!?! What do we know anyway? So, thank goodness, one out, 10 more to go. And the tooth fairy remembered to come--thanks to G. The tooth fairy that services our area has a REALLY rotten memory--I think maybe because those little nubbins are SO gross, that's it's easy to block them out of her feeble memory! The most unfortunate thing?? Both of his front teeth are already coming in, right behind the babies--looks like another kid with braces for us!


  1. Oh, goodness, I laughed through this entire thing! I, too, do not pull teeth, and our tooth fairy is horribly inconsistent. Once I felt so bad for forgetting Nathan's tooth money that I gave him a $10 bill - it was all I had - and told him it was because his first tooth was special.

  2. I remember the tooth fairy forgetting to pick up one of my teeth for a week straight! And then when she did come, I found it on my mom and dad's desk later that day!! OPPS!!
    Congrats to D! That's so exciting!