Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reflections From Camp Lakeside

Hello all! Well, I have come out on the other side!! I have finally made it through the last 3 weeks of unbelievable scheduling, and I am basking in the light of day!! The morning has gone smoothly here at the family planning clinic, and we are hoping for a smooth afternoon too. We returned from 4-H camp last night right before the weather turned really questionable! Will post pictures later, but wanted to post the daily list of reflections I made while we were gone for camp! We certainly had a blast!

Reflections from Day 1--
--If you take 1/2 of your car passengers on a 3 day, 500 mile adventure and return them the night before you take them to camp, the ride is much quieter.

--You can fix a lot of things with hydrocortisone cream and antibiotic ointment.

--There ARE children worse than your own--guaranteed!!

Reflections from Day 2--
--They make coffee that comes in a box. . . with a spigot on it to use in a dispensing machine (You know, like the machines you get milk and juice out of at motels?) This is what they served at camp--It's NASTY!!

--Canoeing is like riding a bike--once you know how, you never forget.

--If you should choose to go canoeing, you should always sit in the back--up on the little tiny seat, so as to protect your toosh from lake water.

--Providing CPR to the demising fishing bait is NOT in my job description!!

--Girls will spend all afternoon washing and fixing hair and doing nails before the dance, boys will show up with a nice, clean shirt and the dirty shorts they wore all day, that don't match. Some of them combed their hair--and many of them (mine included) you could smell coming (up-wind) because of the Axe cologne they shot on!

--You can SERIOUSLY embarrass a 12 year old child by doing the John Travolta dance technique during the song "Staying Alive" at the camp dance. OOO OOO OOO OOO, staying alive, staying alive!! Oh, sorry--I was lost in the memory.

Reflections from day 3--
--You can send 3-4 sets of clothes to camp. . . But if you have boys, they will only wear one. . . ALL BOYS!! (I have suspected this for years, but now I can finally prove it!) However, if you have girls. . . many, MANY clothes changes per day!

--It doesn't matter how many times you look around before you leave, or how many times you ask them if they have gotten EVERYTHING. . . someone ALWAYS forgets SOMETHING!!

--Kids will try very hard to spend every cent of money their parents sent with them. . . even it means loading up on chocolate bars at the gas station where you stopped to pee!

--Grant will be the one who looks after his mom in her old age! (that kid was checking on me many times throughout the day)

--It doesn't matter how young you are or how old, you ALWAYS make special friends that touch your heart!

They asked me to come back next year--I had such a fantastic time. . . I just think I will! (and my kids are even OK with that!) Will post more later about the activities that took place there!



  1. I'm totally sitting here laughing my ass off right now!! About half those I see J and T in...dirty clothes, ax cologne, forgetting things!!!
    Thank you for going and thank you for doing everything you do! 4-H and otherwise!! You rock! =-)

  2. Mel, you make me laugh! I know exactly how a junior high boy acts (except mine's a sibling, so I believe it makes it easier to poke fun at)...but sometimes I wonder about their thoughts! Glad you had a good time!

  3. I can totally see you doing the John Travolta dance technique. Your poor kids!! :) I need to get my kids in 4-H. I would love to go back to 4-H camp. Those were the days.....

  4. Hilarious! Yup, I know all about those stinky three-days-in-a-row wardrobes. Boys are wierd.