Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sidewalk is Complete!

They put our sidewalks in the day we left for our geology trip a few weeks ago. I am just now finding time to blog about it! We are absolutely loving them! They are much easier to walk on than the little pea gravel stuff we had down.
There are some red-twigged dogwoods along the border of the driveway, and I put some new ones in this spring, with some goldenrod plants--they are all still living! There is also a multi-stemmed redbud bush? I got it from the lawn and garden show about 3 years ago. It was pruned by Dev last summer, but is looking good this season. Was all set to bloom right before the blizzard. Bummer! The fork to the left goes straight into my garage

The guys got my curves (or the curves of my sidewalk, to be a little more specific!) EXACTLY the way I had envisioned them in my mind. . .and I had been so discouraged with my outline of the borders I made with my garden hose.

The fork to the right follows the "dog run" path that Jeremy had made walking out to his shop!! The path that used to go straight out the door to the driveway is gone. We will have to look at the brown earth all summer, but I can see beautiful green grass there come fall, or maybe some flowering shrubs, or maybe a bed of ornamental grasses, or perennials. . . the possibilities are endless! But I have to several months to mull them ALL over in my little curled head and make up my mind!

But this is what is all about, right?? We FINALLY got to use the sidewalk chalk the Easter bunny brought! J had a brainstorm idea to completely seal his huge concrete shop floor with that industrial gray paint with the little flaky things in it. Something about better maintance, easier for him, good investment...blah! NOT good for sidewalk chalk. The Easter bunny neglected to recall that little detail when she left the chalk. ERRR!

So we have been patiently waiting!

And waiting!!

And waiting!!!!

What's this???

Someone call CSI!!!
I think it may have been the Easter Bunny!


  1. OH! Your side walks ARE BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! Glad everyone is getting to use their sidewalk chalk!

  2. Love the sidewalks! We need one too...I'm being really anal about not walking where there's no grass right now, so it can have a chance to grow back! Looks like the kids had a great time with the chalk!