Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Notes: Day 2

We awoke to rain on Saturday. It was just a mild drizzle, so we headed a couple miles down the road to Silver Dollar City. It turned out to be a perfect day to go. It was overcast all day and cool. Nick's family was going to skip SDC in pursuit of other things and Brendan's family hadn't gotten tickets yet (the rest of us had already bought some 2 day tickets in a special deal). However, as we were standing in the parking lot preparing to leave, an older lady walked up to my sister and handed her 4 tickets to SDC that they hadn't used. What a blessing. So all 21 of us enjoyed the fun theme park. The picture above was of Braedon and Devin watching the Blacksmith work. They all enjoyed watching them pound the red hot iron! T and G immediately spent some of their hard earned (:-) money at the blacksmith shop!

Next we watched the women make peanut brittle. That was an interesting process. When they were done they said they needed a volunteer to taste test. Out of the 30 people in there, they picked Dev! He was pretty shy, but answered their questions and then deemed the brittle great. In fact, he had to go back later and spend some of his souvenier money on a bag of it for himself!

The little kids got some ride action in the mild ride section. Even C rode some stuff. She enjoyed the butterfly ride much more than the hopping frog ride--you can tell by her face!

butterfly ride. . . (she's saying "cheese")

Hoppin frogs! OOPS--what a mean mom! She wasn't screaming so much at the end--but she didn't like it any better either!

Papa has always been a ride fanatic. My sister and I were remembering that anytime we ever went to an amusement park, she and I would ride together and he always had to ride with someone else because our mom HATES stuff like that!
So we got the riders together and rode the big water innertube thing where you ride through some rapids. Papa was sure that since he outweighs everyone else, he would not get wet (what kind of thinking is that?) And he didn't. . .until the ride was nearly over. BEEP. Guess he was wrong :-) None of us were too wet on the front and it's hard to see in the picture, but our butts were SOAKED!

We also enjoyed the roller coasters. We did the Thunderation many times. There weren't too many people in the line. Even Dev and Brady rode. J said that Dev was pretty concerned for a bit, but he ended up really liking it. It didn't turn loops or do 60 miles an hour. Tristan has historically been the one that hated that rush, but he even rode the PowderKeg coaster and enjoyed it. That ride literally SHOOTs the buggy off at the launch! They said it goes from 0 mph to 60-some mph in 2.8 seconds. And it did!! my short hair was sticking straight back off my head and the g-force glues your eyes shut! It rocked though. J rode that one with me. We ended up with no waiting in line because it had shut down for a period of time due to the drizzle. We were still hanging around while Dev was shopping when they opened it back up--so we were first in line!

Later that night most of the crew went to play laser tag and ride the go-carts. They played for a couple of hours and enjoyed it. Apparently Brendan lost his phone there. He retrieved it but Nick was still looking for it--and everyone left. His wife called him to let him know that they were stopping to bring the babysitters (Me and Tina) some ice cream, so his car would know where they went. The conversation went down like this: When he asked where she was she replied "Behind you" ; "Behind me where??" ; "Behind you and Jeremy (she thought he was with J in our suburban)"; "I'M STILL IN THE *BEEPING* PARKING LOT" Screeeeeech went the car brakes. Oops. I am still laughing about that! Poor Nick!

The melted ice cream sundae was delicious (really!) I decided that the way to do an amusement park is with multiple people. That allowed everyone who loves rides to ride and provided a sitter for the kids and company for the non-riders. We split up our babysitting and it really worked out well! I have some family pictures that will post next with the happenings of the last day!


  1. That was a classic picture of C crying on the Frogs. Guess I missed that. I am still laughing about forgetting Nick and our eventful boat ride that almost ended up at the bottom. You did a good job with your storytelling. I had to muffle a few laughs while sitting at my desk (at work) reading this (on lunch for all of you that think State Workers don't do anything.) :)

  2. Oh yeah, where are my copies of those really good family pictures you have posted?? I didn't realize you guys looked so old either until you posted your wedding picture. :)

  3. HAHA! I just got those family pics yesterday, and scanned them in when J went to get the kids last night--after drinking half a bottle of Stone Hill bubbly! They'll be in the mail soon with Colton's game!

  4. OH POOR CAMI!! I am laughing so hard my side hurts!!
    Looks like you guys had fun! I've always wanted to go there, but haven't made it there yet.

  5. So...Uncle Don nearly drowns everyone, Cami is attacked by a giant killer frog that her Mom has her held captive on, and YOU FORGOT NICK????!!!! Good Grief!!! I'm still trying to figure out how you got Uncle Don and Nick to go on vacation in the middle of haying anyway!!!! That in itself is amazing.