Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation Notes: Day 3

Well, we made it to our final day. 3 days sure went quickly! By Sunday, everyone was getting tired and grouchy. The babies weren't sleeping too well. C had a big bed in our condo, which she fell out of every night. The first night I thought that T was knocking her out of bed, but Sat night she fell out all by herself. Of course, naps were short and bedtimes were late. Sunday morning found everyone just hanging out. We walked down to the marina to take some family pictures. We are getting pretty good at working the tripod and camera timers. This was the first time that I used the timer on my camera--thanks Brendan for figuring it out! The trick is trying to get everyone to look in the same direction and smile at the right time. Mom took family pictures during the weekend and I haven't even seen those yet. She is to be emailing them to me. The families on the left (above) are my brothers, and my sister's family is on the end right.

We tried to get a picture of the granddaughters by themselves, but C was not cooperating. In fact the first pictures that I took had her laying on the ground having a fit and Haley and Taryn were wondering what the heck was the matter with her. So we put mamas in the picture with them.

Trying to get the boys picture taken was much harder than the girls. They were busy--no one would look at me (and it was sunny, so it hurt their eyes to look) This was the best picture I could get. left to right: Devin, Braedon, Colton, Tristan, Kadon, Grant and Teegan (in Grant's lap)
We bought my folks a huge collaged picture frame for their anniversary a few years ago. The same year that we took everyone and went to a huge cabin in Oklahoma for a long weekend. Mom put in pictures from our trip and so we were taking some different group pictures to change out this year. We have 5 more grandkids since the last vacation 3 years ago. Can you spell P-R-O-L-I-F-I-C?? That's what we are! Some of us on purpose, some of us NOT--right Tina??
Right photo-Kristi (my sis), Tina, Dad, Me, and Steph

back row: Nick, Brendan (my brothers) and Jeremy; front row: Chris and mom

I discovered that Branson traffic SUCKS! My breakfast was scheduled for Mon morning and my plan was to splurge on Panera bagels and pastries. So I headed out about 45 minutes before lunch, thinking I'd grab the goodies and get right back--WRONG. I averaged about 5 mph when I hit the city, then couldn't find Panera (I drove right by it). Traffic home wasn't so bad--but it took me 1 1/2 hours from start to finish! They were the best pastries EVER!

The boys and their families headed for home after lunch Sunday and the rest of us went back to SDC for the afternoon. Everyone was in bed early that night! Monday morning we all headed back for home. It is always so fun to go on a trip--but I think the best part, truly, is getting home again!

I have been on vacation this week, except for family planning clinic Thurs. We got D moved upstairs with T. That is always such a good feeling to me to get something organized. And they certainly are better organized now than they were. School supplies are purchased and ready to be put in bags. We start on the 11th! My big purchase this week was a Wii. We got that on the way home from vacation. We have been enjoying it so far. The best part was making our Mii's (these are little dudes AND dudettes that you create with all kinds of face shapes, hairstyles, eyes and mouth shapes and colors) I think mine turned out very cute-with big blinky eyes! But J's is the most hilarious. We made him bald (cause he is) with his blue eyes and little goatee. The boys laughed so hard to see that little bald bobblehead. These little Mii's are what you see on the screen anytime you are playing. So J and I played the first night after we set it up (the kids were in bed!) and I do not feel bad saying that I was sore the next day from not stretching before I started! It is easy to get into the action. I hate to bowl in real life because I STINK!--but I ROCKED on the Wii. It comes with a sports game that includes tennis, bowling, golf, baseball, and boxing--what a cool concept! Right now it is working REALLY well for attitude training on my children--it hurts when they don't get to play-so they are trying harder to get along and be good!
J is off to the races this weekend. We are celebrating the town's 125th birthday so there are TONS of things going on here. I sang a solo in the variety show Friday night and Saturday we will be hitting the parade, park games, free swimming, and BBQ supper. Our theater is showing Ice Age 3-D, so we are hoping to get to that also! Sunday--church and REST! We'll need it! Haven't run the air conditioner for 3 days now--hoping for some rain--not just the usual sprinkle. Dreading the hot weather coming next week! Be safe!

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  1. Great pics!!
    And I am laughing at the little Mii's! I bet they are cute! I haven't given in to the Wii begs yet...they are lucky we let them get a PS2. Maybe soon! I hear you can get quite a work-out playing on it!