Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week in Review

Well, the kids survived the first 3 days of school last week. It is sure going to be strange to have them home on Fridays! But maybe it will be ok when I am also home on Fridays, after they find my replacement at work.

T started football yesterday, and reportedly it went well. There are a certain few kids on his team that he is praying he won't have to practice against. Sounds like his school projects and assignments are getting tougher this year. The papers and projects I've heard about so far seem very interesting. Last night he called his great grandma and interviewed her for an English assignment. She shared some cool things about her youth with him. T and a friend of his sang at church last Sunday for special music. They did really well--you could hear them both. Neither of them looked up from the music until the last note (they had been messin around during practice and held the last note for as long as they possibly had a breath-so when it came down to it, they didn't know when to quit and have it sound right). As they sung the last note, they both looked up at the same time and looked at me (having to turn their heads clear to the left and look across the church) to find out when to stop singing--consequently, everyone else turned to look at me too, to see what stupid expressions I could make! HA! Each time they perform, they get a little more comfortable--I hope all my kids grow up to enjoy using their voices to bless people!

G is having no problems with the junior high switch. He is ready for basketball (cause they can't play FB in 6th grade) and was sure that they were starting practice yesterday too! Poor guy! The kids and I made a shopping trip to Wichita Saturday--so G got some new practice shorts and spent some of his earnings on a duffle bag for practice. Both the boys passed their hunter safety test last week, and want to apply for a deer license. Their dad also took them out for a Sunday drive--literally--they both got to practice their driving skills EEEK. It seems weird to look out my window and see them driving the tractor or the pickup through the driveway. Yes, Grandma Vickie, they are being safe!

D seems very grown up this week, coming home with homework. He had to bring snacks and water bottles to 1st grade this week for the next 2 weeks. I am really glad that there are snacks available for the little guys--what a long afternoon! The older boys have also stashed some granola bars in their lockers too--they don't even eat lunch till 1:00! D also has show and tell every week-his day is Monday. This week he brought the super cool shades he bought last weekend. He perches them on top of his head like I do when they aren't on my face-it makes me laugh every time.

C adjusted well to the boys being gone. We are still working on potty training. I bought some princess panties last week and let her wear them for a little while the other morning. She will sit and sit on the potty--talking, singing, and messing around--but wont' potty anymore (she would do it earlier) but will immediately go in her diaper as soon as you put it on--in fact, yesterday at Becky's she peed on the floor before she could get her diaper back on. So we have backed off a little. I am SO ready to be done with diapers!

We had a new addition to our family last week. As I made rounds the other weekend, the patient I was seeing asked if we needed a dog--to which I ALWAYS respond with a quick and emphatic NO! This time, I wavered in my response--so she kept talking--about what a cute little dog she had that loves kids. She is considering nursing home placement soon and they won't let her keep it. So I ended up taking it home last Wed (telling her I would keep it while she was gone) while she makes one final trip out of town to visit relatives. J absolutely veto'd it immediately. The kids ABSOLUTELY loved her immediately, and J wasn't far behind. I would be surprised if we have to give her back next week, but we may! She is a little Chihuhaua dog. She is a little over 1 year old. She threw up on my dining room floor the first afternoon because she was scared spitless, but hasn't had any other floor messes of any kind! She is very sweet, and loves the boys, not so much Cami though--she is too loud--but she tolerates her. Her name is Missy--it's funny to listen to C babble about her--she will have a sentence full of words you can't decipher except for Mis-hy.

Isn't she cute!?

J has been busy in his shop as ususal and is putting the final touches on his Model A that he is refurbishing. Hopefully a coat of paint will cover it soon. I have a list of honey-do's that have been overlooked this summer as he has been working on this car in most of his off time.

Well, that is mostly our lives lately. We are headed to the lake this weekend with several truckloads of buddies. I told J last night that I am going to get on that wakeboard first thing Friday and attempt a 180 turn again and hopefully slam my head into the lake hard enough to jack my neck back in the postition it was in last week before I did that!! And they make it look so EASY on TV! I meet with the hospital board on Thursday to discuss details of my resignation with them and work on new contract stuff. Praying that it goes well for all of us. We are enjoying a beautiful soft, slow rain last night and today--hoping for some more tonight.

Things are certainly looking more alive with the cooler temps! We lost 2 apple trees and the grass plant from my Russian garden--they already plan to reship the grass and I am hoping the tree company will warranty the two apples as well! I put in my last big orders for plantings around the house and yard today. My plants, trees and shrub budget will be my first luxury to go by the wayside when my work is part time. J and I decided (after months of discussion and thinking) to order a hobby greenhouse. So I will plan on growing tomatoes and other veggies in the winter and then starting all my flowers from seed from now on! It will be a fun hobby for me and I hope to get the kids enjoying it also--I will just enjoy a warm, humid place to enjoy growing things in the DEAD of winter!! Hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather!! It's nearly fall, HOORAY!


  1. I think your greenhouse is gonna ROCK!!

  2. I hope so too!! I just hope it doesn't blow away in the mild Kansas winds! :-)