Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School!

So today was THE day! Time to head back to the school for the 2009-2010 year! I am usually ready for school to start, if for nothing other than a little more schedule. The boys were mostly ready. This year we start a four day school week. I am not sure how it will work out, I don't think anyone is REALLY sure at this point. The moral of that story is that school will run from 8-4 pm from Mon thru Thurs. Fridays off from school, but they will still have optional practices (meaning they are not mandatory--since they will not pick up rural kids, just a shuttle from one town to the next) and of course all high school Friday night games will be continued.
Today, they got out at 1:00. Tomorrow will be the first full day. The boys get on the bus at 7:30. They were ready to roll this morning--mom even fixed breakfast today (usually it is cereal or pancakes/french toast sticks that the Schwans man has delivered) Dev was REALLY ready. Last night when I put him to bed he said "Mom, I'm so excited for tomorrow that I can HARDLY stand it!" I always like to hear that! He started 1st grade today and my good friend Kayla is his teacher. The best part of his day was playing outside with the preschoolers, who we had to remind him, are now kindergardeners!!

We had to take our 1st day of school pictures! It always amazes me how much they change from the first day to the last day. Here they are looking for the bus!
Grant was pretty pumped up when he got home too! The 6th grade here is considered part of middle school, so he got to change classes. He didn't think he was late to any! His comment "I was SO ready to get to junior high, now we get to eat the salad bar with lunch!" Appreciate the simple things!

C is givinng Tristan a kiss goodbye--poor little girl, she didn't have any idea that something out of her ordinary was going on! His first two comments were "This year if we talk to our neighbors in Mrs. J's class we get detention" (he sounded quite concerned about that!) and secondly he reported in a grouchy voice that they ACTUALLY had to do work ALREADY today!! Poor guy!
So they came home and visited for a little bit over cookie dough brownies and milk before I sent them back outside to pick up limbs. Unlike Dana's limbs (that probably got blown down in the storm it sounded like hit your place yesterday) ours were cut purposely by a tree trimmer that we have been waiting on. Jeremy is tired of hauling limbs off from the old elm trees after each wind or ice storm, so we have a guy that started last night trimming them up. We're hoping to go play at the lake later this afternoon--so it is not ALL work!!

Football practice starts next Monday for T. Both the boys are taking a hunter safety class this week. We found out about it late last week, and it is not very convienent with school starting, but they were needing to take it ! They had class last night and one more class Thursday night. Saturday we hope to go to Wichita and do some bulk grocery shopping, hit some sales for winter clothes, and stop by the nursery to check out their trees. We have been adding a few trees each year so that we can eventually get rid of the elm trees. We are about done with the tree and shrub planting, so that is great. I am dying for one of those ariel photographers to come by with a picture--the last one we got was the summer we moved in to this house--the guy felt sorry for us I think, cause he practically gave us the photo when we declined his pricy offer. I would love to see all the changes from the sky!

Poor little C!! She was watching them get on the bus this morning and it quickly became evident that they were leaving and she was NOT! I got tears in my eyes just watching her! She covered up her little nose with both hands and just CRIED! She is SO melodramatic. 30 seconds later she was over it when I told her we were going to get the stroller and go for a walk. She'll be glad to see them when she wakes up! But she also enjoyed playing outside, swinging, going down the slide, jumping on the trampoline--and even eating her popsicle without anyone bothering her! Appreciate the simple things!


  1. My men had a great first day!! J is loving the "simple things" with middle school too...salad bar, bigger portions,....actually come to think of it most everything he was excited about had to do with food..hmm..
    Poor little C. That's so sad!!!
    Glad they had a good first day. I missed D today! Even though he wouldn't have been here anyway, I still thought about him alot!

  2. Oh, poor baby! What a heartbreaker! Glad everyone was excited for school - let me know how they end up liking the four-day schedule. Sounds pretty good to me! We start next week, and I have been dragging my feet so hard I'm wearing grooves in the kitchen tile.