Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up a Creek

Yesterday started with a real kick when I discovered that there was a blue crayon in someone's pocket. The way I discovered that was because everything in my light colors laundry load had evidence of blue crayon on it. I love google--I ran right to my computer and typed in (I kid you not!!) "just ruined entire load of laundry with crayon." Would you believe that there were plenty of idiots that have done the same thing! I LOVE technology. So after reading all the advice and potions--I made my own--concocted it right in my own washing machine. 1 big scoop laundry detergent, 1 BIG scoop oxy clean, poured in roughly a cup of vinegar, dumped in 1/4 of can of Comet, and threw in some leftover Hoover deep stain remover for carpet. Put the entire load back in the washer and agitated it on the longest cycle. Can you believe that only a couple things have blue crayon on them still?? I couldn't-but it worked. Only ended up ruining a few items--like C's little white bloomers that have her name on the butt--she wears them under her dresses. :-(

Here's a nicer "up a creek" story! I did have some cute pictures from our trip to the creek with Granny on Sunday afternoon. Granny takes the boys to the creek several times a year.

D was catching a minnow out of the bucket
Their protocol is to walk up the creek and catch minnows and look for rocks in the sandy spots. So we all went with her Sunday. C was less than impressed with the walking through the creek part. She thought the minnows were interesting though. The boys LOVE doing that. They obviously have a system down, because they were all business as soon as we got there.

Devin INSISTED that we get a picture "up close!" YUCK

Well, there's our haul--not too many minnows this time, but enough to pour into my pitcher pump water feature. But I found quite a number of fossilized shells! And we had a great time enjoying nature!


  1. Who are you calling an idiot? Our crayon was orange. :) I think I used the 20 Mule Borax in addition to my regular soap and washed on hot. I had just a few things remaining with a trace of orange on them.

  2. IDIOT. . .Did I write that out loud?? I meant to say. . . uh. . . what I meant to say was. . . OH--you know--"there were plenty of unfortunate individuals that seemingly have done the SAME thing!" There--was that better??