Monday, May 2, 2011

The Saga of the Shower. . .

. . .and why I need anxiety medicine!

It's been 2 days.  My house is a mess. .
We have 6 people in a 4 X 4 ft bathroom. .
I can't find ANYTHING. .
The only toilet we have left has suddenly developed an incessant drip. .
And my 9 month old dishwasher has gone on strike. .
As of TODAY!!
The saga of the shower began when we couldn't find a decent two piece shower (2 piece so that we could get it into the house) that had shelving built into it.  I looked, Kelsey looked. .we found nothing that I felt like I could live with for the next 30 years.  The whole goal here was to get a NICE shower. .one easy to keep clean. .one that would stand up to 4 men (and 2 princesses). .and one that I could put all my beauty treatments in!! Really. .does that sound like it would be too much?? The day that I was going to go get the 2 piece shower in Wichita that we had found. .I read some consumer reports about the floors cracking out!! More than one report saying that!! That freaked me out. .so Kelsey came out. .re-measured some stuff and reported to me that he was pretty sure that we could make a one piece work. .and was PRETTY sure he could get it into the house.  Hmmm.
Last night the shower came in the house. .but not without stress and a price. There's the door it must come in. .the door going out the west deck.
There's the two head haunchos trying to figure out how to gain 1/4 inch.
Here was the solution!! A sawzall blade. .you may now note the crack above Kelsey's head. .it's where his little blade is sawing through my aluminum siding.  I'm sure my face was as green as the trim by this time. .but I have learned to stifle myself and keep quiet. .I usually don't see the big picture. .nor would I understand the big picture if I did see it.
My door and window came out. .
They are SURE it will fit now. Can you see the smug satisfaction on their faces. .or maybe it was the excitement of destroying something? I'll never know!!
Note the big, gaping hole in the side of my home!!!
I was supposed to be watching for clearance. .which is why the photo is a little fuzzy. .I clearly can't do two things at once.
Shower is in. .big gaping hole is gone. .door has been re-inserted. 
This is a rare week where I will have to work M-F. .two family planning clinics. .school physicals for two mornings. .and clinic the rest of the working hours. The clinic is making the final step to computerized charting. .so I will have geek squad following me through clinic patients to show the REAL geek how to enter data on the tablet.
I am SOOOO glad to be working. .cause I am sure. . .
What I DON'T know WON'T hurt me!!
And I DO know. .
That the bathroom will be great when Kelsey finishes it. .
And everything else will be returned to normal. .
Except maybe the dusting. .
He doesn't dust!!
Up next. .on a happier note. .all the lovely things going on around my yard!!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Please forgive me if I have 3 comments that show up...for some reason Blogger is acting very strange today..but I am going to try again. Just wanted to say that I'm glad they finally got the shower in..even if they had to cut the door out!! That's crazy! Hope the rest of the bathroom renovation goes well. :)

  2. So this will be the glich and the rest will be smooth sailing from here, right?
    I can't believe they had to cut the door out! That's the kind of crap that always happens to US! ;) Hang in there! It will be BEEEE-U-TIFUL when it's done!

  3. If they're putting stuff back in, it's going to get better from here! About the dust...if you have central heat and air, buy a bunch of filters and change them often. Check them everyday during the dust storm in your home. We totally packed ours the summer we did our downstairs bathroom and couldn't figure out why the house wouldn't cool down on one of the hottest days of the year. Well, the fan motor shut off because it got too hot with no air going through the filter. We turned off the ac, changed the filter and let the motor cool. Luckily no damage. Keep us posted.

  4. Oh.My.Goodness...this might have sent me over the edge. But I guess it is times like this when you have to keep reminding yourself that the end result is so worth the means it takes to get there.

  5. I was afraid when you said you were "watching for clearance", they left a hole in the ceiling while you were busy taking pictures!! But glad to see all went well....after the door came out!

    And,btw...first day of clinic computerized charting = incoherently blabbling by the end of the day.

  6. Oh my goodness. THAT's gonna be a story to retell! Big gaping hole in your wall. WOW.

  7. Boy, now that's a story that is going to be hard to top! Keep up the good work, and laugh a lot, it helps. After all this you need to decide who gets to enjoy the first tub soak. DJ

  8. Oh wow! I feel your pain. I would have freaked out of left for high ground. I hope it is all well and good now. Sorry it took me so long to post. My blogger was crazy like so many others. I didn't know what to do but just walk away. Ha ha

  9. Sure would like an update on this project! Hope it's going well!