Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Difference a Day Can Make

My friend Becky mentioned several months ago that we should enjoy another plant shopping trip to Wichita this spring.  Several weeks ago, we decided on today. .April 30.  Even though we drew the short straw and got to take Camille with us. .we had a GREAT day!! We did a lot of shopping!! And both found some new plants for our water features. 
I also found out this week that our carpenter would be arriving to work this weekend.  Happened to be that he started today. 
So THIS is what my bathroom looked like this morning when I left. . 
Pretty naked!! 
And when we got home this evening. .a few things had changed!! 
Including the location of the light switch. .which now sits on the floor next to the toilet hole. EWWW. 
Some extra large holes in the wall. .to accomodate the new one piece shower unit! 
If you look cleeeeeaaaaarrr to the back of the photo. .you may notice the chair I am currently sitting at as I type on my computer! 
Leisurely soak. .anyone. . .Anyone??? 
A lot of house guts are ready for a dump. .mmmm. .no pun intended there! 
Too bad I didn't pick up another can of Pledge in Target today. .
I think I'm gonna need it!!


  1. So THAT'S WHY you said your house was grosser than mine! HAHA You win! ;)
    Thanks for fun day!! Even with the bagel drama, it was an awesome day! "Is that a boy or a gurl?" "Why doe HE have earrings" Love it!
    Goth-fish and shrimp all still alive this morning.
    Danny got an email that says we might have fog and patchy frost with near freezing temps tonight. IS May 1st, isn't it?

  2. All that dust and mess is one thing I was just thinking about yesterday...and being so thankful that I won't have to mess with living in it! At least the "after" will make all the "during" worth it...right?!

  3. Oooh! I LOVE before-and-afters! Can't wait to see the progress!