Friday, April 8, 2011

Here Today. .Gone Tomorrow!

 I love birding!! And when I am big enough to retire. .I guarantee that the habitat here will attract them from far and wide, and you will find me in a hammock with my binocs stuck to my eyes!! But, to tide me over until then. .the last two beautiful days have given me some satisfying bird views!! And just like the blog titles suggest. .these beauties were here yesterday and gone today!!
As Cam slept yesterday afternoon and I went out to tackle some garden chores. .J hollered at me to help him move a vehicle into the shop.  As I wandered over. .looking up into the trees as I have a habit of doing. .I was excited to see two yellow headed blackbirds sitting in the tree.  I impatiently sat in the dead auto silently imploring him to hurry up before they got away!! The birds didn't move from their spot. I was able to snap a couple pictures from as close as I dared when. . 
I heard their gruff voices and flapping wings coming from behind me. .
and about another 50 showed up to join the party.   
I was SOOO glad to be home to watch them yesterday!! They migrate through looking for the wetlands..which is where they take up residence for the summer.  And they travel in HUGE numbers!! We usually enjoy them for a mere couple of days before they head out.
They are VERY loud. .as any other blackbird is. .and secretly. .
I am glad they only hang out for a day or two!! But if you have never seen them. .they WILL get your attention. .they are just gorgeous!! I was worried briefly that my new little pond might look like home to them. .apparently not. .whew!
Along the same lines as the blackbird. .these grackles have been many in number lately.  They are also loud, messy, and hungry. But in their own rights, they are very pretty birds too. .with their irridescent black/blue feathers.  I usually stop putting out bird food when they show up. .as they will clean it out PRONTO!
The robins have been busy eating insects and singing songs.  
This one was hunting a meal!! Last night as Cami and I were walking (her in the jogging stroller), we were delighted to sneak up on a rabbit. .who paid us very little attention. .she loved watching him eat from about 10 feet away. And then we were rewarded to see a Western Meadowlark perched on the fence post.  Because she was able to see him isolated from any other birds. .she was amazed to see his lips open as he sang us his tune.  I will never forget the look of amazement on her face for as long as I live!! She turned to look at me to see if I saw. .She couldn't believe that it "talked."  We didn't see any meadowlarks on our walk tonight. .so no photos.  We were also very pleased to see the thin little bluebird last night and tonight.  We have seen it close to two sets of birdhouses. .so we aren't sure if it has taken up residence in one box or not. .And I haven't seen any others. .so I hope they are coming!
It may be a little early yet. .but I couldn't resist hanging up my hummingbird feeder.  The Kansas bird book that I consulted reports that most hummers come through in the fall. .and that they have very few reports for hummer arrival in the spring. .the book also suggest that they don't stay around in the spring. .I think that a few do spend summers here. .and I hope that a few decide to hang out here too! 
On our final lap around the "trail" tonight I was astonished to see this guy far down the fence row. It's a scissor tailed fly catcher!! I LOVE these guys. .and we are always blessed with several pair that stay during the summers! They have the LONGEST tails. .that flick like scissors as they fly. .totally unmistakeable!! I still mourn the lack of cardinals here. .but we do have some great birds!! I know that more will be here weekly now!! We have a great weekend of garden projects going on around here. .The boys sandblasted some old metal chairs and a swing that I got at an auction before Christmas. .I installed the rest of my drip irrigation to one of the existing garden beds. .Grant helped me repostion my stone bench from the fire pit to pond side. .I hauled in several wheelbarrows of compost to improve the soil where I intend to move a couple of rosebushes. .and improved the soil in the bare spots of the south flower beds, to be ready for seed planting soon.  I LOVE this time of year!! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Wow! Those blackbirds are amazing! I don't think I've ever seen birds like that! You have more green leaves on your trees than we do, too. Our trees are blooming good now, but not a lot of green yet. Can't WAIT for that!

  2. I love those birds! I remember seeing them with Tristen at the park last year while we were out on a walk. I was fascinated by their color...AND their noise!
    The Robin numbers have been picking up here. I've got one poor baby that looks like she ate a tennis ball.

  3. What a sight. I problby wouldn't want the yellow headed blackbirds to live with me all the time either, but how neat to have them visit. You had a lot of them. We get grackles attacking our feeders at times too. They're so big with the little finches. The robins love taking noisy baths in my bird baths. I keep hoping to be able to video one. So cute about Cami seeing one sing. I hope those bluebirds move in for you. Let me know if you see any hummers. I've never tried to lure them in the spring but was told last year that they show up here in July already although I didn't see one last year until September. It sounds like you have been busy with projects for your garden too. Hope you're getting a lot done this weekend. We bought lumber to make some trellises. Hoping to put them together after lunch!

  4. I can't believe the birds can hang around too long in this wind!! You sure got some pretty pictures.

  5. When I started hanging my hummer feeders, they were using the feeders in May, & were present every day into the first part of November. When we took the camper to the lake on April 1(a few years ago) I hung the feeder at noon, & hummers were there that evening. Keep watching! The hummers will find the feeder & will be there multiple times a day!

  6. I love your photos. The bird on the fence is my favorite. That is so cool that you live in an area that birds migrate through! What a way to stop and enjoy nature.

  7. oh my gosh, those birds are beautiful! The yellow is so vibrant against the black! I've never seen one of those. That must have been so exciting!

  8. I noticed Becky has a hummingbird, maybe you could steal hers! I really enjoyed the pictures of the different birds. DJ