Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reach For the Sky!!

So, I made it home last night LATE!! Apparently, I missed a LOT of wind. .and I was glad.  I have some photos of the city to show you all later this week.  But this post was going to be quicker to wrap up.  I mentioned last week that we had made very little progress on the few projects that we were working on last Sunday.  One of which was a trellis for these two red honeysuckle vines. 
This is about their 4-5 year. I initially intended to weave them through the balusters as far as they would go.  BUT. .it is really hot on this west deck during the summer in the late afternoon and evening hours as the sun sinks and sets. I have been thinking on how to add a trellis to extend up toward the roof  for the last year or so.  A few weeks ago the idea hit me!!
I had a couple of old iron bedframes. .one of which I moved to the front garden to be more of a focus. .
and this one. . .
It's location in the garden just wasn't working out for it's benefit.  Jeremy studied the area last Sunday for a while and decided that putting a metal frame around the headboard and then attaching it would probably work the best.  
He reported that he was planning to work on it when I called him from the Boston airport yesterday afternoon as I was leaving.  A little nervous that I wouldn' be home to supervise. .I was excited to check everything out this morning before church.   
I think it turned out EXCEEDINGLY better than my expectations!! You see the honeysuckle is already tall enough to reach! 
I picked up some of the sagging vines and twined them up so they will continue to scramble upwards. .
and stop taking up my garden soil below!! 
Hoping that soon, we will have a nice shaded sitting spot!! And THEN. .I have the cutest little idea in the back of my curled head. .consisting of some clear plastic hose. .a little galvanized tub. .a spitter and pump. .and some small water plants. .SHHHH! Don't tell him. .I'll have to have his handy self too!! We'll have to see!! The one in the magazine was TOOOO cute! 
In about another week. .this honeysuckle will be bloomin' plentifully!! Maybe that will entice some hummer action!!
Looked like lots of things were getting flower buds!!
This lilac SMELL was absolutely divine!! If you scratch and sniff your monitor. .
just maybe you can catch a little scent too!
Glad you stopped by today!! Come back soon to hear about my adventures in Boston!


  1. You might want to watch really close in that honeysuckle, cause those hummer nests are really, really tiny...I'm betting they'll find that vine a great place to make a thimble-sized nest!
    Love the use of the bed piece..tell hubby he did a great job!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cool!! It looks great! I would have never thought of using a bed frame!

  3. How creative is that? It looks great! I hope you get some hummer nests - wouldn't that be awesome?

  4. The headboard looks great there. A good idea to give you some shade! We're enjoying the lilacs here too. I need to bring some in tonight for the dinner table.

  5. Love the idea of having the old headboard as a trellis for honeysuckle...awesome! I wish I had some honeysuckle smells so nice in the summer!
    P.S. I scratched my monitor screen, I sniffed, but darnit...I can't smell fair! :)

  6. Great idea!! I LOVE the smell of lilacs in the spring.

  7. OO-ooh, honeysuckle and lilacs - two of my FAVORITE scents! Grandma Wilson used to have a big honeysuckle vine growing up the west end of her porch - made lovely shade. Then she had red roses vining up the east end of the porch. (That was right across the street from Karel & Jackie's. Jackie would often come over and sit on the porch and yak with Grandma and I.) :) I really like your trellis! Looks like it will work great. Curious about the little "project" you mentioned.

  8. I'm jealous of your trellis! ; )

    Seriously, though, it looks amazing! You are so creative!