Thursday, May 5, 2011

Checking Things Off the List

Track is finished. .
Seems like this time of year is when we start checking things off of our proverbial list.  That started this week! School physicals, track meets, youth group, spring music programs. .those are some of the things being checked off.  The boys have had a good year in track.  They enjoy the competition. .and social aspects of the sport.  Tonight was the last meet of the season.  Tristan sprained his quad muscle in his leg during his first relay today and had to scratch out of his last two events.  Grant is learning how to hurdle (or turtle has Cami calls them. ."they are jumpin' over the turtles!!") and he is more frustrated than anything. .he is a little bit of a perfectionist. .I think he has done well for only running them a few times. 
See, Tristan's track clothes fit me perfectly!!
We were in the schools this week doing free sports physicals for next year. That is always dramatic/traumatic for the younger kids, and maybe the adults doing a hundred of them in short order!! And also presented the dreaded STD lecture to the freshman class.
I have signed half a dozen permission slips for field trips. .and those will start next week!! Tristan only has one week left of junior high!! Notes are coming home to advise us of all of the graduation information.  The big boys are taking a tractor safety class this Saturday. .missing out on the school carnival that Devin and Cami still get to go to. 
Then there are birthday parties, school dances, 4-H activities, and a youth group party. 
These two little guys just follow along. .and make entertainment for themselves where ever they might find themselves!!  Devin's class went to the plant store this afternoon to pick out flowers for their moms. .I know this. .because I was in there when they showed up. .luckily I was just finishing up with the plants I needed to pot into my front containers. .Devin was pretty sure that I had NO idea what they were up to!! I LOVE innocence!!
I survived my first afternoon with patients and a computerized record system.  It was quite stressful. .but I think I will be much better tomorrow as I muddle through day two!! My carpenter and my husband were both sick yesterday with fever and body ache nasties. .so the house is still a bit of a frustrating wreck! Tristan came in from youth group last night and lysol-ed everything that he THOUGHT they may have touched!! A boy after my own heart. .he did the toilet handles, door knobs. .and EVEN the refrigerator handle. .just like his OCD mother would have done! Yes!! Those two men were teasing me horribly. .and causing me gray hairs. .So I threatened them several times that they had better be careful when eating my cooking. .as I may slip them something they wouldn't like!! Now they are CONVINCED that I poisoned them. .and I am sure that Kelsey will never eat another meal here again!! (though they mentioned being impressed that I was able to ONLY cause illness to them. .and not to anyone else) That'll teach them to mess with the cook!! I am amused that the bathroom plans change subtly as he begins to lay things out.  It's not the way we initially thought it would go. .but I must say. .I am getting excited for the way it turning out!! It will be great!
And, to top off the week. .Tuesday night I got a phone call from my sis-in-law that my very young mother had fallen and had to have an ambulance come retrieve her from the driveway. As it turns out, she broke her left hip. .which she had surgically repaired late yesterday.  So what a crappy mother's day present for her!! I am anxious to finish some things up here and head up there this weekend to help get her home from the hospital. .and teach my dad how to do his own laundry!!
When it rains. .it pours!!
But, I guess God was feeling my crunch. .because He miraculously cured the ailments of my dishwasher. .and yes. .it seriously did have issues!! But for whatever reason. .I am REALLY glad that it works. .I just couldn't have handled one more thing this week!
Please keep my family in your prayers. .and wishing everyone a safe and wonderful weekend!
Thanks for checkin' in on us!


  1. Take care and I hope your mom gets lots of special treatment for Mother's Day. You have a good mother's day too. Enjoy all those end of school activities.

  2. Jacob had a great time in track this year too! I think he's bummed it's over, but I AM NOT! ;)
    Hope your momma starts feeling better soon!

  3. Those are some great pix of the boys. Happy mother's day, and I hope it goes well with your parents. With both men sick at your house your reputation as a cook might be changing! DJ

  4. You would think that men their age would know that a woman would NEVER intentionally make them sick when her bathroom is a wreck...silly boys!

  5. Praying your mom will be OK with her hip! That's a blessing you can go help. Have a safe trip. :)