Monday, May 16, 2011

High School. .Here HE Comes!!

So I have certainly spent a lot of time lately wondering how my kids have grown so fast!! I've been excited, unnerved, sad, proud, and triumphant. .depending on which day it was.  This week, I have finally decided to be ready for this new adventure in our lives!! I hope someone has missed my ramblings over the last couple weeks. .it has just been THAT crazy here!! First things first. .my mom is doing well. .and the hip is undoubtedly going to heal well. .as will her spirits!! I thank anyone who may have offered us up in prayer!!
Now, on to this guy!! He survived his 8th graduation tonight. .and what a fun event!! Of course. .the thing that has been on all of our minds around here for weeks. .was WHO was going to tie that TIE!! Thanks to his principal. .who has assuredly tied thousands of boy ties in his career!! Last night we hosted a smallish BBQ to celebrate. We enjoyed the company of our family and a few of our long time friends.
Tristan and his great friend Jonah
He had some of his best graduating buddies come too. .along with their families. .and we had a very nice time!! The bathroom had enough stature to be admired. .but no door yet. .so it really couldn't be used!! Bless Kelsey. .he has been working VERY hard to get it accomplished. .and is down to the cabinetry that he is building and a few finishing touches.  
Tristan and his girl of the year, Taylor (isn't she cute??)
So today, the boys (who spent the night) went to school for a breakfast cooked by the principal himself, locker clean-out and graduation practice.  Thankfully he was home before lunch. .because he got to help take care of his little sister. .who puked on herself. .right after my toilet decided it was no longer flushing waste, filling itself right up to the top of the rim with more water. He was more than thrilled to help out. .especially since his mother had postponed her postponed hair cut and color until today. .and REALLY needed to get that done!! Because she looked REEEEAAALLLYYY bad!
Um, last week he was shorter than me. .this week he is not. .but I had on my tall shoes tonight. .and he IS standing on his tip-toes!!
This afternoon (since Cami had eaten lunch and then managed to jump on the trampoline) we decided her puking was a fluke. .and we went to town so he could get his graduation gift from us. .a cell phone. .and a new checking account. .and a driving manual to study so he can get his farm permit to drive. However, her puking was NOT a fluke after all, and she managed to puke in the trash can at the phone place. .and then got to stay home with Aunt Lisa tonight instead of making us all miserable at the graduation! Some times our blessings come in the form of vomit!!
He is one excited kid. .to have his own phone and texting capabilities. .and the thing rang twice just on the way to graduation!! Grant can't WAIT to graduate next year and get one too!! And Devin is trying to convince Tristan to sell him his ipod touch. .since he can use his phone to call people now! It's hard to be little :-) 
The kids go to school in the smallest division of schools in Kansas. .a 1A school. .so his entire graduating class consisted of 24 kids. They are a neat bunch of kids too! So at this  moment. .they are celebrating with a junior high dance until 10:30 tonight.  They had a very neat packet of stuff for the parents after graduation. A booklet that the kids have been writing about themselves throughout the year, in addition to a REALLY cool booklet with a page written by each 8th grader, formatted the same way.  I thought it was a very concise portrait of each kid. .and I wanted to share Tristan's with everyone. .I especially knew that his grandma who couldn't make it tonight would LOVE to read it!!
Tristan Michael

Nickname :Stone hands; Justin (since everyone thinks he looks like Justin Bieber)
Hobbies: shooting guns, hunting, facebook
School activities: football, basketball, track
Outside school activities: 4-H, hanging out with friends, working

My name is Tristan. I'm 5'9" (taller this week than when he wrote that), have brown hair and greenish brown eyes. I participate in football, basketball and track. I spend some of my free time shooting guns at my house. Any other free time I spend on Facebook. Those are just a few things about me

Quote: A lot of people are afraid of heights, not me, I'm afraid of widths (he is totally random like that)
Always in trouble, funny, talkative, tall
Son of Jeremy and Melanie
Lover of football, guns, girls
Who feels spazzy, energetic, happy
Who finds happiness in football, shooting guns, making people laugh
Who needs music, friends, excitement
Who gives laughs, joy, headaches
Who fears teachers, strangers, rattle snakes
Who would like to see Hawaii, Canada, ocean
Who enjoys Canadians, football, guns
Who likes to wear shorts, muscle shirts, socks
To our first born. .whom we love dearly
It seems like just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, wondering what we were going to do with you next. We have practiced on you and learned from you. We've cried over you and laughed at you. We've enjoyed watching you grow and develop into a real person. .with a great personality. Your life has seemed like both an eternity. .and mere seconds at the same time. In a few short years. .you will be ready to spread your wings and fly. .and hopefully we will be ready too!
Congratulations and best of luck!!


  1. Congratulations to Tristan! That was a nice writing. :) Also, glad your mom is doing better.

  2. *sniff* *choke* *wipe tear* Congrats to Tristan!! Holy Batman--this parenting thing goes by fast!! I can't believe it.
    I missed your blog! Hope life settles down soon. I'm thinking the last month of school should come with a warning label! Sheesh!

  3. very sweet. Way to go T.D. DJ

  4. I missed your blog too! Congrats to Tristan and good luck in H.S. next year. You will spend your life on the road with kids in HS and MS next year.

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  6. Congratulations Tristan. Was so sad not to be able to go to your graduation! Promise to be there for the next one. Grandma V

  7. Aw, that was such a nice post! I know what you are feeling in regards to your son being as tall or almost as tall as you. My son is in 7th grade and has recently become as tall as me. Of course, I am only 5'3" now, I imagine that in 8th grade he will surely pass me up in height! What a wonderful thing to only have 24 kids in your entire class! That is absolutely astounding to me. No wonder it is possible for the principal to cook breakfast for the whole 8th grade! That's great!

  8. Ahh, can't believe he has grown up so fast. Seems like just yesterday that I was holding him as a baby. We took a nap together and somehow, he peed through his diaper all over me. He looks so good in his tie.