Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mom's Garden Tour

Hoping everyone had a great Memorial weekend! The kids and I made a road trip to check on my mom's progress Sat/Sun.  She has been graduated to a four-legged cane for about a week now. .and is getting around much better than when I left her a few weeks ago.  We had a very nice weekend. My sister and her kids were there too. We all did some gardening (while mom supervised). She had a lot of small projects that needed done that she hasn't been able to do. We spent a little time with my grandma and took her out to decorate grandpa's grave. Then my folks, my kids and I enjoyed meeting up with my aunt and uncle and their cousins for lunch before they all went to decorate family graves on Sunday. I took the kids shopping after lunch to stock up on summer groceries, shorts and shoes for those that needed them. Unfortunately, on the way home I started noticing a small sore throat. .that turned into a fever and body aches. .so I enjoyed most of my holiday from the couch.  Darn it!! The only good thing about that was that the wind was blowing about a million miles per hour. .so I didn't want to be outside anyway. Since I forgot my camera for the weekend. .but Grant was busy with his. .I'm showcasing his photos for your viewing pleasure!
My mom's newest project was a pondless waterfall. .which got put in a week ago or so. It turned out great!!
They used some of the native limestone that my mom uses in her gardens. . . and that I have been exporting for years to use in my gardens. 

She has some crazy, out of control vine growing in this same spot. .so we spent some time removing it from some of the areas and thinning the bee balm out as well. I have tried to grow bee balm several times with no luck. .mostly because it is so dry here. I took a small root of hers intending to try it in the bog garden next to the pond. It seems to be getting more sun than I thought. .so it might be just the place to grow the monarda.
This photo was taken from the back steps right off the kitchen. Behind the red rose bush is the waterfall. The noise level is just perfect! She also has several bird feeders right there. .so a good combination for her feathered friends.
Looking the other direction is the back patio with a pergola over it.  This is a perfect place to relax and watch the kids play while the adults visit. .and it's big enough for all 21 of us!
She does such a good job with the little touches. .and all the gardens are so beautiful, tranquil, and full of life.
Grant got a close up of this bloom. .I will have to ask her what it is. .it looks like a fanfare gallardia. .but it is red instead of the typical orange. She had 3 of these plants smothered with blooms!
You can see those plants in front of the purple salvia. The green as far as you can see is foliage from millions of plants that will bloom all summer long!
She had some peonies and late irises blooming. We cut back her autumn sedum (mine here in western Ks never gets tall enough to need cutting before it blooms) And so I was able to take some cuttings of her black sedum to root into my own gardens.  Right now they are just stuck in some pots of soil that Grant brought in for me last night, but as soon as I can, I will scatter those around my yard. The foliage is such an unusual color. .and blends well with all the green foliage.
She also asked us to make a jelly feeder for the few orioles she has seen around her place.  We used this clear plastic plant saucer and put holes in the lip (my dad misunderstood me when I asked for 3 holes around the lip and one hole at the bottom for drainage if it rained. .so I got four holes around the lip. .and I was probably lucky to get THOSE!) We tied some jute string through the holes and made a hanger. Filled 'er up with grape jelly and hung it from the dead apricot tree with the delicious honeysuckle blooms all over it! Nothing ate from it while I was still there. .I guess time will tell.
On the way out Sunday morning, we stopped at an old cemetary that we used to mow every summer for 4-H. Grant took some pictures and I just wandered around looking.
I think I may have him blow this one up for the fair. .I love the way the lichen accentuates the word Mother. I think it gives it a little bit of eery-ness. The fair will be here before we know it!! Hope you enjoyed a short tour of some of mom's gardens. We were blessed with a 1/2 inch of much-needed rain last night. .and no wind so far today.
Can you believe that tomorrow is JUNE?? Enjoy your week!


  1. Glad to hear your mom is improving!
    What a garden she has. I guess that explains where you get your gardening DNA. That is an amazingly large perennial bed. Glad you got some rain. It just spit on us. It was no fun in the wind Monday, but I needed to water after being away from the garden for a few days.

  2. What a beautiful yard - and her water feature is gorgeous! It looks like it has been there forever. I have a few pieces of limestone also, that are from the foundation of my husband's grandfather's farmhouse - that is no longer standing.

    I have a bit of monarda - which I tried to discourage from growing. It got a bit invasive, so I yanked it out...only to have some of it come back. I keep it because I love the smell of it's foliage. Reminds me of lavender.

    Great idea for the jelly plate. I put orange halves out for the Orioles, but they didn't come to them. I spooned grape jelly into the orange halves after the Cat Birds cleaned them out and now they are eating all the jelly too.

    We too are enjoying a reprieve from the wind today. It was unbearable yesterday!! Thank you for the wonderful tour!

  3. Glad your momma is on the mend!! And her fanfare looks JUST LIKE MINE! ;) I wonder why some are different colors? Strange!
    Love the pictures Grant took! I've always wanted to take my camera to the cemetery and take pictures of some the really old stones...and my family responds pretty quick to tell me how "creepy" they think I am. hehe

  4. My fanfare looks just like that too...and I had some yellow-orange too, but it didn't come back up this year. I'm intrigued by old headstones too--great photos!

  5. Melanie, thanks for visiting my blog. The gcenter is called Chaplin Nature Center. They do have a website. Its sponserded by the Audubon Society so I'm it will be worthwhile to go to. Honestly I've lived in this area off and on for 15 years and have never been there. Thanks for asking as it has given me the push to go visit. Will give you the info when I return. God Bless. Greg

  6. Enjoyed the "tour" very much! It is hard to believe it's June already! Looking forward to various summer things. :)

  7. Your Mom's gardens are beautiful! Now I know where you get the green thumb from!! It's in your genes girl! I am sorry to hear you got a sore throat fever and aches...that stinks so bad! Hope you are completely over that. Sounds like your mom is doing well. I'll bet it cheered her up having everyone there! P.S. I love the photos of the tomb stones...very good!

  8. Looks like your husband is doing a good job as a photographer. Your moms garden is beautiful. I would love to stop in and have a glass of tea. Glad she is feeling better. Your plants look way better than ours here in NC. We are in a severe drought. We need at least 10 inches of rain. I've been watering but still that's not enough.