Friday, May 27, 2011

Play Ball!!

This kid. .
. .has been waiting for baseball season to start since last September.  It was his turn. Both the older boys got to play when they were younger. .as time went along. .we found ourselves at 4 games a week, in addition to practices. .mixing busy job schedules and babies into that set up. .and we were WORN out!!  The boys resigned from baseball and returned to our old skiing habits and other summer hobbies. 
Dev has loved baseball since he was 3.  We told him he could play when they got to "coach pitch" age. .and this was the year. He has been asking since last fall. .when baseball would start. .who would be his coach. .when would they practice. .what would they wear. .and on and on
So after his mom totally blew off the first practice. .being out of the habit. .and having a little bit of life on my plate. .and he being sick with the stomach flu for the 2nd practice. .
He got to attend his first practices this week. .which he thought was a blast. . 
And tonight. .the first game!!
It's everything he thought it would be. .
AND. .
they WON!! 
Go Red team!


  1. Boy, he looks fast just standing on base! Very intent too. Here's to hoping you have a blessed holiday. DJ

  2. I can't believe how big he is. Glad it's HIS turn..FINALLY! ;)
    BTW-I was looking WAY UP at your Tristan at PlayDay! I feel like I'm shrinking!

  3. I'm glad for him! I hope y'all have a great summer. :)