Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lawn Furniture Make-over

Has anyone else noticed a "make-over" theme to my blog lately?? Seems like we "make-over" a lot of stuff around these here parts!!
BEFORE CHRISTMAS (yikes) my father in law thought I had LOST my mind as he watched me in action at the auction of the estate of a couple of my dearest recently deceased patients. I had been looking for some old metal chairs to use in my yard.  As I looked around Vera's belongings for a momento of her to treasure, I saw these chairs.  Not ONLY were they chairs. .they were ROCKING chairs!! I didn't know they made old metal rockers!! I stood with my hand, unwavering, in the air as the bid went up, $5 at a time! The lady bidding against me was standing right beside me. .and there were only a handful of people left there at that point. She gave up as we approached $50. .and I felt like I got a great deal at $45 for the set.
And making it ALL better, was the fact that I got this swing right before that for $5. My F-I-L just shook his head, but helped me load it up onto his pickup and dropped it by the house later that day.
Fast forward a few months. .in April, we pulled out the sandblaster and got as much paint off the chairs and swing as we could. 
And I even took my turn holding the shield while being pelted with the little crystals of sand.  Then life happened again. .pushing us into last weekend.  I hand-sanded the chairs a final time before they got their paint job, just trying to remove any remaining, firmly stuck on paint crust.  I believe I counted at least 3 different colors of paint being removed!
Being the good sport he is, my smiling husband primed the furniture using his painting equipment.  He was actually only smiling because he had flipped off my camera and thought I was naive enough not to notice before snapping a picture. .PLEASE. .we have been married nearly 17 years now. .I learned a LOOOOONG time ago. .
The chairs were still rough in spots where the paint wouldn't easily come off. .but if you are perfectionistic enough, it would have come off. .with some work!
I was going to have him order some paint for me. .but as I wandered through Walmart a couple weeks ago, I found a Rustoleum spray paint in a hammered metal finish. I thought that would be perfect for disguising some of the roughness left on the chairs. .not to mention. .it blends in more with the surroundings. .which is good with me. Don't get me wrong. .the lime greens and bright reds would have rocked these chairs!! But I know the finish wouldn't have rocked as much with the imperfections of age. .and laziness!!
I spray painted a little bit. .but Jeremy finished them up while I was gardening Saturday evening. I think they turned out great!!
I found enough landscape fabric leftover to put under the swing and covered it with mulch. I will also add a layer of fabric and mulch under the metal chairs too. That will keep the weeds and nasty bermuda grass to a minimum. .and will look a little more manicured!! After all. . .
This IS the view out of my kitchen window! We haven't made time to swing while making smores. .but Devin, Cami, and I did enjoy swinging on the newly finished seating while listening to the birds sing. .in between their chatter!!! Some day. .my house is going to be REALLY quiet!
Happy Humpday! It's the last day of school here!!
Welcome Summer Vacation!


  1. You did good! What finds. I think every FIL needs a DIL who makes them wonder from time to time. :-) My FIL has wondered about my garden exploits. Now, he seems to think they're really cool. You won't care what color they are while you're makins smores.

  2. Great finds! Swinging and rocking will be so great for summer vacation!

  3. I am hoping to find some chairs like that and put them out on our back deck. I may have to spring for red, turquoise, or green!

  4. They look great! I bet the kids were excited to start their summer vacation.


  5. I like your chairs and swing! Looks like a great place to go out and sit. :)

  6. So sorry I have missed so many of your post. My life has been swamped lately. I had to comment about your refinished chairs and swing. My grandparents had chairs like that. Brings back memories. Beautiful! And your family helped! So sweet.

  7. You have transformed those lawn furniture items into fabulous pieces. They look good as new and perfect for afternoon bonding times outdoors with your family.