Friday, December 24, 2010

O Holy Night

O Holy Night. . .
The stars are brightly shining. . .
It is the night of our Dear Savior's birth!!!
Long lay the world. . .
In sin and error pining. . .
Till He arrived and the soul felt its worth!!
A thrill of hope. . .
the weary world rejoices. . .
for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!!!
Fall on your knees. . .
Oh hear the angel voices. . .
Oh night Divine. . .
Oh night. . .when Christ was born!!

That's my favorite Christmas carol. . .EVER!!
The second verse, which I don't hear often goes on to say
"led by the Light of faith serenely beaming. .
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand"
I hope that your hearts are glowing as we celebrate His birth this year.

We have baked, and played, we have sang carols to the babe, and have listened to the Christmas story, we have sipped cocoa, and enjoyed the Christmas lights in our town.
Our stockings are hung. .the milk and sugar cookies have been carefully selected and placed where Santa won't miss them. . .and their heads are nestled while visions of a joyous Christmas dance in their heads.
The house is warm. . .and snug. . .and peacefully and serenely quiet. . .
My mind is clearing and breathing deep. . .
and I am thankful!!
I am thankful for that 'thrill of hope'
For yonder. .breaks a NEW and GLORIOUS morn!!
Blessings to you all!
From my family to yours. . .
Wishing you and yours a VERY merry Christmas. .
Love. .Melanie


  1. That is by far my favorite Christmas song too, Mel. Merry Christmsas to you and your family!

  2. One of my favorites too!! Especially when it's sung JUST RIGHT by this chick I know with an amazing voice...perhaps you know her?? She's pretty special! ;)
    LOVE that pic of D by the tree!

  3. Melanie, this song has long been a favorite of mine, too. I'm so sad that it was not sung in our church this year. Maybe next year! Blessings to you & yours.

  4. Wonderful! I really love that song too! I love the photo of your son in front of the tree. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog! You seem like a really good person!
    My kids are enjoying Christmas so far..playing with all their new treasures. I just got on the computer to see what I've been missing these past few days. We've got a fire in the fireplace and it is I am happy!

  5. Oh, yes. LOVE those words. That song. Looking forward to hearing about your Christmas day!

  6. Sounds divine!
    Hope your Christmas morning was fun and family filled!
    We had teeny tiny snow flurries for our drive home to the parents' houses Christmas morning. Sunday, we had a white Christmas courtesy of the fog. It was beautiful. I hope to post photos.