Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday!! We enjoyed ours. .and find ourselves pretty spoiled!!
My boys started peeking early this year. .as I had to start hollering at them to get back to bed by 2:45 A.M.! Then around five and again at 6! Yikes! Cami and I were finally pryed out of bed at a little after 7 to see what the big guy had left! Oh, and what mom and dad might have left too!
The older boys were more than thrilled to find some new clothes, hoodies, and cologne from Aeropostle. .
So much, that they took turns striking model poses with their new duds!! They've been out of smell good for a while now. .and I forgot what it was like to smell them before seeing the whites of their eyes. EEEK!
My "Justin Bieber" look-alike kid is just a crazy nut. .plain and simple!
And what little girl doesn't like sparkles. .and lip gloss?? Sequined jeans and shirts, along with a new pink sparkly belt were at the top of this girls list!
And the fishin' kid. .got loaded up with a stringer for a shark, a fish scale that would weigh Camille, and some extra large toe-nail clipping string cutters. Hee haw. .he was in heaven!
It always impresses me how Santa just KNOWS what will bring smiles to little faces!!
Some kids I know found some really cool scooters. .
And our house hasn't been the same since. .hurry warm weather and new sidewalk!! My walls can't keep it up much longer!
Now, Santa also brought strawberry lip gloss to one little girl. And that was the best gift EVER!! If you look closely. .you may think she has chapped lips in the above photo. .Nope. .just a good smear of lip gloss. At one time she actually had lip gloss R-U-N-N-I-N-G off her C-H-I-N!! She applied lip gloss to me. .to her dad. .and even papa got to sample some!
We spent Christmas day with Granny and Papa and the greats, and granny's brother and his family.  Lots of food and visiting went on. Granny made these great aprons for the boys. Yesterday I took the four kids and we traveled to Wichita for the fun of it. D and Cami had birthday money I told them they could spend after Christmas. .and the big boys like to shop too!  Everyone was quite well behaved and we really did enjoy our day! We came home with some new fish for the fish tank.  The aquatic frog even came out from his hiding place to see all what all the commotion was about!
As one countdown ended. .a new one began!
The countdown to 2011!!
Enjoy the last week of 2010!


  1. Love the pictures of T and G posing in their new duds. C looks so cute all decked out in robe and slippers on her scooter and D looks so excited about his gift, too. I am so glad that my kids didn't get up as early as yours. In fact, we beat half of them up, though C told me he got up during the night and saw that Santa had been there, so he went back to bed.


  2. Looks like it was fun! Watch out for all the girl friends the guys are bound to attract looking so fashionable and smelling so good. Ha! Cami is a doll on that scooter. Are the fish in your new garden pond safe from the youngest boy? Enjoy the warmth while we have it. An artic blast is suppose to be coming!

  3. I REALLY thought I'd be getting more sleep this year since the boys are older. HA-HA-HA. It was the worst year ever. And I didn't want to be a Grinch, but wow! Glad we are not the only house that doesn't sleep well the early Christmas Day hours.
    Cami looks pretty cute on that scooter! And I LOVE the boys' aprons!

  4. I definitely understand the "guys needing something to help them smell good!" LOL

  5. Looks like your kids really had a great Christmas! I love those aprons! They're great! Also, little girls and lip gloss...I've seen it before!! Too cute!

  6. It amazes me every year how good of a job Santa does of making everyone smile...big JOYFUL smiles on Christmas morning! I am so thankful that we are able to make it such a wonderful celebration for our kids.