Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home for the Holiday's

It seems that this week has been one party after the next.
As the week winds down, and the quietness of the season's biggest blessing fills my heart, I thought that I would share some photos from our family Christmas last weekend at my folks'.
My mom has gotten us into the ritual of attempting a WHOLE family picture each Christmas before opening gifts. Often times we gather together on the couch. .however it is getting to be a wee bit small for all of us. .So this year, she decided that it should be done outside. Mind you, it was around 30 degrees with a chilly breeze.  Here is part of the family milling around waiting on someone to decree where they would stand.
With my new Canon perched atop my mom's tripod, and the timer button pushed. .
This was the best photo of all 23 of us that we could muster. 
The new baby was swaddled like baby Jesus.  Notice everyone has a coat on except yours truly?? (everyone that is, except my sis in law Steph. .she was trying to make me feel better!) That's because MY gift from my folks included a new black jacket. .so I didn't bring another coat. .and we had to take pictures BEFORE we opened gifts. .that was the stipulation to get everyone to smile nice!
We took 3 timed pictures before everyone suddenly deserted me. .
And I mean sudden. .one second they were there. .and the next second they were gone.
HAHAHA. .always a wise guy. .or several around this place!
The photo ops went south from there. Out of numerous grandkid pictures. .this was it!! Someone is
crying, or looking the other way, or even running out of the picture
Maybe someday. .maybe someday!!
And then to get grandma and grandpa in. .
SOME kids were ready for presents. .PERIOD!
It's much like a very NOISY ant den here anymore. Children everywhere. Amazingly, EVERYONE waited patiently for their turn to open their gifts up.  We start with the youngest and work our way up. It's always nice to send the children to another room with all their goodies before the big kids start in on gifts.
As always, everyone was well spoiled!!
Here's our "share the love" photos. .
my little sister Kristi and her hubby Chris
(or Kris and More Chris. .as Tristan used to call them when he was little)
My little brother Brendan and his wife Tina
(or Aunt Peanut. .as Grant used to call her)
And my baby brother Nick and his wife Steph
to this date. .no one has ever screwed up their names.
THIS one. .always the comedian.  Jeremy's gifts included some antique shop stuff. .like a COOL motor oil can with a perfect paper label sporting an elaborate Indian Chief. .and this oil can with a rotating spigot. .that faintly resembles a beer bong. .Brendan was just checkin' the logistics of making that one work out!!
We spent two great evenings hanging out, sipping cocktails, eating WAY TOOOO much, and visiting.  The kids played well and the fights were minimal! We used to play pitch. .and then moved on to different board games. .but NOW there are SOOO many kids. .and the interuptions are so frequent, that we have nearly given up. .I will be excited if we ever get to that game playing stage of life again. We can play a mean game of balderdash or scattegories!! And it gets pretty crazy!
And while these two love nothing more than for all their kids to be in one place at the same time. .
This is how they looked when everyone went home!!
No. .Seriously!!


  1. The best gift for a mom is having all of her brood around her! Nothing better! My bunch got all 8 of my grandkids into one picture at Thanksgiving, & we now have an 11 x 14 of them. Tonight, we're going to make an attempt in the middle of the chaos of 22 people here, get an updated picture of Tom's 6 grands & then the 4 great-grands.
    Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family.

  2. The whole family photo looks good! Always try to do those, you'll be so glad you did. My parents celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year and wanted a photo of everyone together on their front porch. It was Labor Day weekend and that Sunday was WINDY! I'm the "family photog" as well. I had to tie the tripod to a fence post because the wind was so bad. We had 21 people. Most turned out pretty well (it was warmer so we took more than 3), but it seems someone with long hair always had a gust of wind blow it out funny or something. In one, we completely lost my nephew's fiance's face behind her hair. The names your children had for their aunts and uncles are cute. I'm sure the Christmas anticipation is building at your house today with Santa on his way. Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your family photos! It's nice that you've had lots of gathering this past week. It's been a quiet week for us. We haven't created any Christmas Eve family get togethers since we've moved back to Pennsylvania...I think we need to start that next year. When we were in Florida, we went to my sisters house every year for all five years we were now we need to create something new. My brothers and sisters are spread all over the U.S. and my parents live about an hour and a half from here. They don't want to travel on Christmas and neither do we...but we always get together with them for Thanksgiving. My husband's family is all around here but they have their extended families and their grandkids. I'm thinking next year on Christmas Eve we will arrange ahead of time with family, to go around visiting with different family members and bring everyone plates of cookies or cinnamon rolls. We actually all get together a lot throughout the year for other holidays and birthdays, but not for Christmas.
    Have a wonderful Christmas..we are having a wonderful Christmas here!

  4. Geez, I was just reading over my comment and it seems kinda we don't have any family contact at Christmas...please, that is not true. We all live close together and see each other on a regular don't's not lonely or anything...just wanted to clear that up! Hee Hee!

  5. We do a yearly group picture too and I love seeing the year to year changes. (except I'm getting fatter and more wrinkly!) It's always a blessing to have everyone together like that. Merry Christmas!

  6. Enjoyed the photos of your family, Melanie!

  7. I think our pictures turned out great, considering how many of them are under the age 5!!!