Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift Baskets Deluxe

Over the last few years, it has become a custom for me to do some gift baskets to give as Christmas gifts.  As you have probably noticed, I really enjoy making lots of Christmas treats.  When I first started, everything was packaged pretty plainly. As I have evolved, I have changed the little things. .which ultimately amounts to a beautiful looking basket. 
The first thing I do is create little labels on my computer. .printed off on cardstock and cut with fancy scissors. I like to use different fonts, sizes, print colors, clip art and stickers.  They can be as plain or as elaborate as you have time for. I then save my labels and copy and repaste as necessary the next year. .which saves me time!
I'm always looking for something to put the goodies in. This year at Target I found the plain tin pails for $2.50 in the dollar bins.  I also tend to recycle tins that I recieve or that we get at work.  Hobby Lobby and Walmart usually have tins very reasonably priced too. .anything goes! I also use little ziplock bags sold in the hobby stores next to the jewelry beads used to store jewelry pieces. I have found other small cellophane bags and cones on-line and in cake stores.  I bought several kinds about 5 years ago. .and they last for nearly forever!! These come in lots of sizes. .good for holding larger dip mixes, homemade candies, and other sweets.
Check out the after holiday sales for ribbons, tissue paper, and paper shreds. .or anything else festive to put in the bottom of the baskets. .like holiday hankies or Christmas fabrics.
I used tissue paper to fill a larger area and then my paper shreds went a little farther.
After that is done. .you just arrange the goodies into the baskets as you wish.  Little sacks of colored holiday candies or candy canes add a little extra color and are good fillers too.
I stole my friend Becky's idea for cutting holiday paper to go on top of the lid of a canning jar to dress things up. The ring lid holds it in place nicely!!
I usually do snack mixes and homemade candies in the baskets.
This year I made some hot tea mix and added it to a muffin mix.  My homemade pear jams went right along with the theme. Other baskets included salsa, pomegranate jalepeno jelly, jams, dip mixes, and sweets.
Enclose a little gift card. .and there you have it.
Perfect for teachers, church volunteers, bus drivers, neighbors and friends.
'Cause, let's face it. .who DOESN'T like to eat??
Be sure to check out those post-holiday sales to snatch up some things that you can use next year to try out some of your own baskets!! 3 more days until Christmas!!


  1. Your baskets look great! I'm sure everyone who gets one loves it. Do you buy the paper shreds or make them with a paper shredder? Your fancy cut tags are really nice. Have fun sharing your baskets. Merry Christmas.

  2. You have some wonderful ideas for your gift baskets! But, I have just one question? Do you have another house that you use just for the storage of all these supplies? This house of mine just doesn't have a space that would keep the supplies readily found again next year!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family! And keep writing & creating!

  3. VVErrrrryyyy NICE!! Keep it up, Martha!

  4. This is such a nice idea! If someone gave me that...I would be so happy and feel very special. It means so much more that you give something that you took the time to make! I love it!

  5. They look so beautiful and sound easy. I would just like to know how this craft gene skipped me. :)