Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Baby isn't a Baby Anymore

It's now official. .we can NOT call this girl "little" any more!! You are mostly all grown up by the time you hit 3!! One of the ladies at church this morning couldn't believe that she was only turning 3. .hmmm. .because 3 year olds shouldn't start their sentences with words like "Actually."
3 year olds shouldn't have a REAL "princess wave."
3 year olds shouldn't be able to look at you from the corner of their eye and down their nose and gloat when they are right and you are OBVIOUSLY wrong.
3 year olds shouldn't be able to do those things. .maybe a 4 year old, but NOT at 3! 
This one had a great birthday. .she opened some great presents today.
Things that kept her busy ALL day. . .
Like these little gals and their magnetic clothes. But, unfortunately for those in the pews directly surrounding ours. .she couldn't find the PINK pants during prayer time this morning.
She LOVED the big girl lamp to go in her pink and black zebra room.
Though she refuses to call it a lamp. .it's a light. .PERIOD.
She told Grandma Vickie this morning on the phone that she had gotten some girls with clothes and a light.
It seems that 3 year olds can no longer give you beautiful smiles on command. .they must be silly. .or jut their chins up in the air with the most hideous smile they can muster. .or better yet. .a pursed lip smile while looking down their nose.  HAHA. .Mom got the last laugh here. .I got a smile when she wasn't paying attention to me. You'll find many more of the no-smiling moments in a post to come showcasing our Christmas photo op from earlier today. That was a disaster in itself!
It has been a very difficult week for us as we moved Grandma Pat to town after living on the ranch for 80 some years.  Grandpa Ed continues to decline in a nursing home from dementia. A heart wrenching story. In spite of it all. .Grandma blessed Cami with a pink (inside and out) princess cake. We all loved it and enjoyed a nice quiet family birthday party this evening. We are hoping that by the time we celebrate Grant's birthday in March. .that Jeremy's brother and his family from Houston will be moved into Grandma and Grandpa's house and enjoying the cake with us!


  1. Mel,the biggest surprise of your life turned out to be a blessing! Happy Birthday Cami! You're a lucky little girl. Love Grandma V

  2. It sure doesn't seem like she should be 3 yet. Wasn't that just like last week that D announced at lunch time his mom was having a baby around Christmas time, and I told him it wasn't nice to say that if it wasn't true! HA!
    Little did we know the blessing that was on it's way. A very adorable blessing that loves dixie cups, raids my fridge when she's hungry, and that can keep up with any boy anywhere, all while wearing plastic dress up shoes and a princess dress. Love that little girl to pieces!
    Happy Birthday, Miss Cami.

  3. I'm glad your daughter had a great birthday!

  4. Oh, Mel. The princess wave, the actually, the pink, WHAT ARE WE IN FOR? ;) Alli and Cami must be cut from the same cloth. Beautiful girls with three big brothers and great, big personalities. Welcome to THREE, Mom. It hurts a little. lol

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday Cami. So sorry about Grandma Pat. But being a ranch woman, Lovely Birthday cake. Looks yummy.