Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot

Sunday before church (I have an uncanny way of knowing WHEN to pick my battles), while everyone was still in good humor, and looking relatively nice. .I decided to do the annual Christmas picture.
Now, anyone with children who have their own minds will know. . .THIS IS NO EASY TASK!!
I thought that it might be fun show you just how much fun it can be.
My disclaimer is. . .Posted today are only a small fraction of the photos taken on Sunday. .I didn't want to bore you completely.  The narration under the photos is pretty much the conversation from the photo shoot.
After placing the subjects in their position:
"OK, guys. .it's time to take the picture for our Christmas card."
"Cami, you can't lean on Grant. .sit up and smile nice."
"Tristan, get your gum in your mouth"
"D. . .Smile!!"
"Devin, move your head. .you have 2 chins!"
"Cami. .you have to put your chin down and smile pretty."
"No, don't lean down. .put your CHIN down!!!"
"Cami, you have to sit up straight. ."
"Not stand up. .SIIIIIITTTTT up!!!"
"Devin, get your finger out of your nose."
"Tristan. .would you PLEASE smile right!!!!"
This is it. .the best we got. .the second photo out of the batch.
And they're ALLLL mine!!
As if that session wasn't torture enough. .I forced my better half to be part of a second photo session.
Grant was in charge of taking the photos.
I think our session was worse than the first one!!
Take a peek.
J-I'm NOT wearing this stupid hat!!
M-Um, YES you are. .humor me for a minute would you. .and don't forget to smile.
M-Grant. .just get our heads and the tree in the back.
After reviewing 5 shots of the same nose hole views. . .
No, no NO--Not from so low. .OK we'll kneel down.
M-Put her down and quit screwing around so we can get this done!! I have other things to do.
I SAID you ARRRREEE going to take this picture. .
(the above picture was NOT supposed to be taken. .but the cameraman was getting into his job by this time)
I SAID. .a picture of our heads. .your dads shirt doesn't match. . .JUST our heads!!!
GRAAAAANT!! You have to get a picture of BOTH our heads
G-MOM. .I am only taking one more picture and that's it!!!
Close enough for this worn out set of models!
Every year I think it will be better because everyone is older. .and more mature. . .right????
Dana, are you SURE you are up to trying to get our family photos??
Hope you all have a great weekend full of shopping, baking, wrapping, holiday movies, and Christmas cheer!


  1. Love, love the natural poses you got of your 4 kids! I for one like seeing Cami leaning on her big brother! Symbolic, I think...
    Thanks for sharing the trials of group photos. Amy & Mandy took pictures of my 8 grands a couple of weeks ago. Age spread from 16 down to 6, & the oldest is 6'4 or so & you know how short Sierra is..real challenge for photographer! But, the end result is fantastic!!!!

  2. HAHA D and Tristans faces are THE BEST! Love it!

  3. The last photo... how many times did that take? Great fun to see when its your kids! Enjoyed it all. DJ

  4. Good luck with their pictures, Dana! She is not exaggerating. Trust me. Vickie

  5. Melanie, I LOVED the photos, the "poses," the comments - LOL!!! That last picture was "the best." :)

  6. I think every mom has a story just like that! Fun to look at someone else's outtakes!!

  7. LOL!!!! Oh, my gosh, Mel. I am seriously in pain for you. Oh, how I know this scenario. Not with other peoples' kids, no, but MINE. They are the worst for me! It's just exactly how you described it, nearly word for word! And don't you worry about those family photos in the spring...I have ways of making zem cooperate. Mwaa ha ha.

  8. I decided to take a 5 minute lunch break today, finally. Well worth my time. I was trying to suppress my laughing so as NOT to draw attention to myself because I really should be working instead. This reminded me of what our Christmas photo shoot looked like. I was not impressed with our card and thought about trying to redo it. Chris just told me that it wasn't like a professional made it for us.


  9. Love the pics and love the commentary even more. You guys are a hoot. LOL. My favorite is the one of you laying down the law to your hubby. So cute.