Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gone Fishin'

We have made it through. .school, camps, roadtrips, harvest, holidays, fair, sicknesses, and multiple other time-filling factors and opportunities!!  Laundry is caught up, house is cleaned, gardens are all watered, fish are delivered to grannies. . .and we are ready for a little R and R.  We are hopin' to get gone in the next 24 hours for a short trip to the lake for some water sports and rest. . .and a little back to school shoppin'!! The kids are so excited that we can hardly stand them.  When asked where he was going on vacation yesterday, Devin replied "Somewhere that is going to change my life!" (We only hope that the time off is THAT good!!)  And Jeremy and I must be a little excited too, because we have changed our departure time three times now!  By the time we return, we will have been married for 16 LOOOOONG years--or short ones--depending on how you look at it!! Hope everyone else finds a little rest and relaxation this weekend too!!
Remember--a bad day fishin' is always better than a good day at work!!


  1. Hope your vacation is as relaxing as ours was last week! Kind of rough to come back to the grind, but still feel pretty good about the break!
    Happy 16 & counting!

  2. Have a great time relaxin' - and congratulations on your anniversary! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! And have a GREAT TIME!!

  4. Have a good time and Happy Anniversary! I sure hope Devin has the life changing experience he is expecting, LOL!